How to process cooking ingredients in Genshin Impact

Even though players can buy cooking ingredients in Genshin Impact, processing it manually costs nothing, however, it requires a campfire or an oven.

Genshin Impact is an open world role-playing game (RPG) which offers players multiple activities. Players are able to explore the world, complete the main storyline, do side-quests and meet new friends.

Additionally, players can go fishing, cook, gather ingredients, participate in events, mine and defeat world bosses.

The cooking mechanic is one of the most important features in Genshin Impact. Cooked meals are one of the ways to restore health in the middle of a fight, without having to return to one of the Statues of the Seven.

In addition to restoring health, food offers a variety of combat buffs, including boosts to offense, defence and critical hit rate. It is important to note that every dish requires different ingredients to make it, however, some ingredients cannot be found anywhere in the wild.

Campfires can be used to not only craft different dishes, but also to process new ingredients. Even though players can buy ingredients at the in-game store, processing it manually costs nothing.

However, it is important to note that every processed ingredient requires a certain number of resources to make.

For example, to process butter, players will need two milks; for flour, players need to obtain one wheat; and for jam, players need three sunsettia, two berries and one quantity of sugar.

Other ingredients that can be processed include sugar, ham, bacon, sausage and cheese. Players should be aware that dishes containing the abovementioned ingredients cannot be cooked unless they have learned the recipe.

In order to process ingredients, players need to find an oven or a campfire. To open the processing menu, players should select the pepper icon next to the utensils in the top right corner. By selecting the tab, a new menu will display all the processing options players currently have available.

Players are able to process a large quantity of resources at once. It is not necessary to wait for the ingredients to be processed, as a notification will appear on the map when it is completed.

Even though manually processing ingredients does not cost anything, it can take a lot of time. However, it all depends on what ingredients the player is processing.

It is recommended that players start processing ingredients when they log into Genshin Impact. This way, they can ensure that the ingredients are processed when the player has finished the daily quests.

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