How to play osu!

Osu! may seem like a tricky game initially, but players can follow the beatmap tutorial to understand its gameplay and mechanics.


Osu! puts players’ rhythm abilities and reaction times to the test as they have to press buttons in a certain sequence and on the rhythm. Luckily, the patterns are indicated on the screen, but you have to press the buttons in time in order to receive a high score. Players can advance in the game by climbing the leaderboard.

The game consists of specific mechanics and features that you need to accurately comprehend before attempting a beatmap. Players that do not understand how the game works will receive low scores and will likely not be successful in the game.

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Is osu! difficult to understand?

Though osu! may seem like a simple game at first glance, it can be tricky to understand. This is because it has unique rhythmic tasks and actions that you have to successfully complete to get the perfect score.

If you do not perform these tasks well enough, you will receive a lower score, which will influence your leaderboard position.

The game has different difficulty-level beatmaps, but it is advised that players complete the easier beatmaps before attempting the difficult songs. This way you will get comfortable with the game’s mechanics and you will understand the gameplay better.

How to play osu!

In order to play osu! you have to download the game from its official website. It can be played on either a personal computer (PC), tablet, or mobile device. Once the download has been completed, you can install the game and create an account.

Next, you can choose between the solo gaming mode or the multi-player mode; new players should start with solo play to understand the game fully. In the list of beatmaps, you can find the tutorial that teaches players the game’s mechanics.

osu sliders
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It is recommended that you complete the beatmap tutorial before playing other songs. In the tutorial, you will discover various tasks you have to perform. The first task is to click on the circle, which you should only click when the ring around it closes.

Furthermore, you will have to drag the sliders. When the ring closes around the circle on one end of the slider, click and drag to stay within the slider’s ball. However, if you see an arrow pointing in the opposite direction, you have to move the ball back to its original position.

osu sliders
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Lastly you have to spin the spinners, which is allegedly the easiest task of all. When a spinner appears, click on it before moving it in circles as fast as you can. The faster you spin, the more points you will get.

Is osu! free?

Players can download osu! on any platform for free. However, you should be aware of fake websites or fake advertisements that require you to pay real-life money to download the game.

Moreover, it is noteworthy that the game does not require you to purchase items, or beatmaps with real money.

It is also not a pay-to-win video game, but it is entirely based on the player’s skill to earn points. The points will then be added up and displayed on the leaderboard. The more points you earn, the higher your score will be on the leaderboard.

How to play osu! on a Chromebook

As previously mentioned, osu! can run smoothly on most devices, including a Chromebook. There are various methods you can use to install the game, but it depends on how technical you are and what route you want to take.

The easy methods to install the game are using either Google Play or the Chrome Web Store. Both these methods are simple and straightforward, but you will have to download opsu, which is an open-source clone of the actual game and not osu!

To download the original osu! you should use Linux, Lutris, PlanOnLinux, or WINE. Some players may find these applications difficult to use at first, but they will become easier to understand with time.

Types of input

Since the game can be played on various platforms, there is also a range of inputs, namely, a mouse, tablet, touch screen, and keyboard. The following table outlines the different types and what they excel in:

Input type Excel in:
Mouse ·    Stability and aim

·    Jumping, especially in straight or right angles

Tablet ·    Precise movement and speed

·    It has no cursor drift

Touchscreen ·    Jumping long distances

·    Streaming long periods of stamina

Keyboard ·    None, as it is usually paired with mouse and tablet

Final thoughts

Osu! puts players’ rhythmic skills to the test as they have to press buttons in a certain sequence to play the game. However, these buttons have to be pressed in the rhythm of the song to receive a good score. Your score determines your position on the leaderboard.

To play the game, you have to download and install it from the official website. Keep in mind that Chromebook players have to follow an alternative route to install the game on their device.

The game’s mechanics and features can be difficult to understand initially, but fortunately, there is a beatmap tutorial that can teach you how to perform the game’s tasks.

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