How to make stone in Minecraft

Creating stone in Minecraft is fairly simple, as players only need to mine cobblestone and smelt it to obtain stone.

Stone is one of the most common blocks in Minecraft, and it has a much smoother texture than cobblestone. Stone is not only used for the construction of buildings, but it is also a key ingredient in crafting a Redstone repeater. It can also be traded for emeralds. Players can easily craft stone, all they need is a furnace, rather than a crafting table. However, stone can also be found in chests in villages with stonemasons.

If players want to craft stone, all they need to obtain is cobblestone and coal. In the furnace menu, players should place the cobblestone on top, while placing coal at the bottom. Once the process is completed, the player can move the stone into their inventory.

An alternative method is to use a silk touch pickaxe. Any pickaxe can be enchanted with a silk touch to create a silk touch pickaxe. This will enable the player to mine stone, instead of cobblestone. This means that the player can skip the whole smelting process.

Another way to obtain stone in Minecraft is through using a cheat. To do this, players should ensure that cheats are enabled in the game menu. Next, players should press ‘T’ to open up the chat window.  Players should type the following in the chat menu: /give <player> Minecraft: stone [amount]. Players should replace <player> with their username, and [amount] with how many stone blocks they want.

Players can also obtain stones by pouring lava over water. However, this may take some time and can be difficult to set up. It is important to note that the water is not poured on lava, as this will create normal cobblestones.

After obtaining the stones, players can smelt them further to create smooth stones. Players should then open the furnace to bring up the menu and add coal to the lower fuel box, while the stones go into the upper box of the furnace. Once completed, players can move the smooth stones into their inventory.

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