How to grow Dark Oak trees in Minecraft

When growing a Dark Oak tree in Minecraft, players need to obtain four tree saplings and plant them in a two-by-two block, otherwise the tree will not grow.

Minecraft offers various tools, weapons, items, updates, blocks and enhancements to its players. Even though it is a classic, it still gives its best in the virtual gaming world. The Dark Oak tree is one of the unique features in the game. It was first added to Minecraft in version 1.7.2 of the game, and it generates in one biome only; the dark roofed forest.

In this biome, trees grow very close to each other. This means that it is often dark enough for hostile mobs to spawn during the day. The Dark Oak trees feature a much thicker trunk than most other trees. They usually take up two-by-two blocks and have craggy branches below the canopy of leaves.

Unfortunately, these trees are not as easy to farm as other trees. Dark Oak trees require four saplings arranged in a two-by-two gird. It is important to note that these trees cannot grow if they are planted individually. Even though it takes four saplings to grow one Dark Oak tree, it is believed that they grow faster compared to other trees.

To grow a Dark Oak tree, players should first find a Dark Oak Forest. It is quite easy to spot a Dark Oak Forest due to the large red and brown mushrooms towering through the trees.

Even though players can use their hands to cut down a tree, it is recommended that players use an axe. There are currently six axes available to craft on Minecraft, and any axe will be able to cut the tree. It is important to ensure that the player cuts the leaves from a Dark Oak tree and not the tree trunk. When a player cuts the tree trunk, they will receive dark oak wood, instead of a Dark Oak sapling.

Once the Dark Oak sapling appears, players should pick it up quickly, as it can disappear. When a player has four saplings, they need to plant them in a two-by-two grid. They require a three-by-three column of unobstructed space, and at least seven blocks above the sapling to grow. Additionally, Dark Oak trees require five-by-five layers without obstruction for the top three layers of its final height.

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