How to obtain Wishes in Genshin Impact

Players can obtain Wishes in Genshin Impact by buying a crystal top-up with real money, by using Primogems, or by reaching specific Adventure ranks.

Genshin Impact’s Wishes forms part of the gacha system. If a player makes a Wish, they will obtain random rewards, such as a new playable character or a new weapon.

The Wishing system sometimes rewards players with very rare items. It is recommended that players keep their Wishes in order to obtain rare items.

Players are able to see how many wishes they have by going to the ‘Wishes’ tab in the main menu. There are currently four types of wishes, including Standard Wishes, Character event Wishes, Weapon Event Wishes and Beginners Wishes.

Beginners Wishes and Standard Wishes can be bought with Acquaint Fate, while Character and Weapon event Wishes can be bought with Intertwined Fate.

Unfortunately, the easiest way to get the results players want is by spending real-life money. However, players are not able to purchase Wishes with real-life money.

Instead, players need to go to the in-game shop and then select the crystal top-up tab. Players will then be able to purchase Genesis Crystals, which can be used to purchase the in-game currency, Primogems.

Players can use their Primogems to buy Fates or Wishes. One Wish costs approximately 160 Primogems. When players reach Adventure rank 20, they will be able to buy a premium battle pass, which will grant players a lot of Primogems.

Another way to obtain Wishes is through redeemable codes. Players can search the Genshin Impact forums to find codes that reward Wishes.

To redeem the code, players can head to the official Genshin Impact website. Once the player has redeemed the code, the rewards can be obtained through the in-game mail.

Despite the above-mentioned methods, the best way to get free Wishes is by reaching new Adventure rank milestones. Level five and level 13 will reward the player with a free Wish. Some levels will reward the player with Primogems, which can be converted into Wishes.

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