How to get more songs in osu!

Players can import more songs in osu! by heading to the official website, or by creating their own beatmap in the game.


Osu! is a very popular video game that is part of the rhythm action genre, meaning that it challenges a player’s sense of rhythm. It prompts players to press buttons in a certain sequence indicated on the screen in the rhythm of the song to advance in the game.

The game currently features 4 modes, each of which offers a variety of beatmaps for you to enjoy. However, players first have to download and install the game, then create an account before they can play. You will have access to a limited number of beatmaps when you first start the game.

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What are beatmaps?

A beatmap, also known as a beatmapset, is defined as a “…set of game levels (difficulties) that are composed of various hit objects and almost always represent a single song.” However, it also features other components which are packed in an archive with the. osz extension.

The components include, but are not limited to:

  • The song itself, either stored in MP3 or Ogg format
  • Background videos or images
  • Custom hitsounds for the arrangement and improved aural feedback
  • Storyboard with special effects and motion graphics
  • Custom skins that change the appearance of the game’s interface

How to get more songs in osu!

As mentioned before, you will only have access to a few songs when you first start playing the game. Fortunately, it is quite easy to import additional songs, or beatmaps, into your game.

To start this process, players must ensure that they have osu! installed and that they have created an account. Then, run the game before going to the official osu! website.

On the website, you will find a beatmap tab situated on top of the screen. Players can select the “Beatmap listing” option to discover additional songs. You should bear in mind that you have to sign into your osu! account before you can search for a song.

Players can search for any artist or song they would like to add to their game. Once you have found the song, you have to download its beatmap. The song will automatically be added to your game when the download is complete.

Is there a limit to beatmaps?

Players have the opportunity to list their own beatmaps to the official osu! website, but there is a limit of 4 songs that can be pending at a time. Furthermore, you can only post again when your map is put in the graveyard, which usually happens after a month.

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Unfortunately, you cannot delete your submissions, which means that you have to wait the entire given period before you can list another beatmap. The game’s developer allegedly implemented this feature to prevent players from spamming the website.

Many players, however, believe that there should be an alternate tab or an extension for the website onto which players can upload beatmaps freely.

What is the graveyard map?

The beatmaps on the website are divided into different categories depending on their recent activity, status, and popularity. The graveyard is a section where beatmaps that were abandoned by their creators reside.

These songs generally do not have leaderboards, but they can still be downloaded and played. Players should note that a graveyard beatmap can contribute to your play statistics.

A beatmap is usually moved to the graveyard from the “Work in progress” and “Pending” categories when it has not been updated for 4 weeks. However, the author can revive the beatmap by updating it through the beatmap submission system.

Can you make your own beatmap?

Players can create their own beatmap by selecting the “Edit” option in the main menu. You then need to import a song from your personal computer, laptop, or mobile device into osu! To start the process. When the song is uploaded in the game, you can add the song’s artist, name, and its source, among others.

You will also have to edit the difficulty in the settings by choosing the circle and sliders speed, sizes, and placements. Once you have set the settings, you need to time your beatmap correctly.

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Final thoughts

Osu! puts your rhythmic abilities to the test as you have to press buttons in a specific sequence as is indicated on the screen. However, the buttons have to be pressed in the rhythm of the song to obtain a perfect score.

You will then be able to progress in the game by climbing the leaderboard. The game consists of different gaming modes, each of which features unique songs, otherwise referred to as beatmaps.

You can get more songs by going to the official osu! website, where you can download unlimited beatmaps. Alternatively, you can create your own beatmap by importing it into the game from your device.

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