How to obtain Fischl in Genshin Impact

Players can obtain the four-star character, Fischl in Genshin Impact by using their wishes in the Wanderlust Invocation, or by purchasing a copy from Paimon’s Bargains.

Genshin Impact is a popular role-playing game that is set in the fantasy realm of Teyvat. It is home to seven nations, each of which is ruled by a god and is tied to an element.

Players follow the story of the Traveler, who has ventured to multiple words. However, the traveler has become separated from their twin. In the search for the lost sibling, the Traveler becomes involved in the affairs of Teyvat’s nations.

The game allows players to control one of four interchangeable characters. When a player reaches adventure rank five, they will be able to obtain a character under a banner of their choice. One of the characters a player can obtain is Fischl.

She is an investigator for Mondstadt’s Adventurer’s Guild and is accompanied by the night raven, Oz.  Fischl is described as a daring adventurer with seemly outlandish theories that happen to turn out to be true. Ever since her release, she has been very popular among players.

Fischl was available as a free unit in the past, so she will likely be a free unit again in the future. However, it is unknown when players will be able to collect her for free. Luckily, there are other ways to collect her.

Fischl is a generic four-star unit, this means that she is available on every character banner in Genshin Impact. Players can use their wishes to obtain her.

The Wanderlust Invocation allows players to use their wishes to gamble for a chance of obtaining her. Since every tenth wish is guaranteed to reward the player with a four-star item or characters, players can obtain Fischl this way.

Another method players can use to obtain Fischl is to wait for Paimon’s Bargains. Even though she was only available once in Paimon’s Bargains early in 2021, there is a possibility that she may return.

When Fischl returns, players can purchase a copy for 34 ‘Masterless Glitter’. After purchasing the copy, players will not be able to buy another one until Paimon comes back. However, if Fischl does not appear in Paimon’s Bargains, players will need to wait again.

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