How to farm cocoa beans in Minecraft

Players can farm cocoa beans in Minecraft by going to a jungle biome, where they will find large brown or red pods growing on the side of jungle wood.

Minecraft allows players to show off their green thumb. Even though the game has some simple crops, there are a few items, such as cocoa beans, that require a bit more planning than just throwing them in the dirt and waiting.

In order to farm cocoa beans, players need to travel to a jungle biome. In this biome, players will discover jungle wood with growing pods of cocoa inside them. To identify the wood, players can look for large brown or orange pods hanging against the side of some jungle wood.

Players will be able to harvest two to three cocoa beans from each pod. It is recommended that players harvest as many of these pods as they possibly can. While harvesting the beans, players should also collect as much jungle wood as they can. Cocoa beans can only grow on jungle wood, and players will need a lot of it if they want to plant multiple beans.

There are multiple designs players can use to grow their cocoa beans, however, it is recommended to grow them in the formation of a pillar design. It is important to ensure that the pillars are not too high, as players will have a hard time harvesting the beans at the top of the pillar.

When players have their jungle pillars set up, they can place their cocoa beans along the sides. The pods that come from the beads feature three stages of growth. The first stage is a tiny green pod that will grow into a larger, tan-coloured pod. The final stage will be the orange or brown pods that players saw when they harvested the beans.

To accelerate the process, players can fertilize the cocoa beans with bone meal. After the pod has reached the final stage, players can harvest the cocoa beans with an axe. Players can also use the cocoa beans as a food item or a crafting ingredient to dye items or make cookies. The beans can also be used as a loom ingredient to dye banners.

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