How to earn a Legendary Hero in King Arthur: Legends Rise

Players will receive an abundance of rewards, including the Legendary Hero, Clarisin, by completing King Arthur: Legends Rise’s milestone event

In King Arthur: Legends Rise gamers can explore a vast action-packed and interactive world. Players can collect and upgrade legendary heroes as well as mythical medieval creatures to restore Camelot to its former glory.

The game is set to launch a personal computer (PC) version as well as a mobile device version, though its developer, Kabam, has yet to announce an official launch date.

Since players are eager for the game’s launch, the developer has opened pre-registrations.

How to earn a Legendary Hero in King Arthur: Legends Rise
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Along with the pre-registration event, Kabam has revealed several milestone challenges that prospective players can take part in to earn rewards.

Once 500 000 players have pre-registered, you will receive 50 000 Gold, which can be spent in the in-game store once the game officially is released.

Players will receive 5 Mana Orbs when 1 million people have pre-registered and 3 Special Summons once 1.5 million people have pre-registered.

However, the ultimate reward is the Legendary Hero, Clarisin, but players can only claim her when 2 million players have pre-registered for King Arthur: Legends Rise.

You should keep in mind that you will only receive the rewards for the milestones that were completed prior to the game’s release. Moreover, the rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox, after which they can be claimed and used in the game.

In order to pre-register for the game, you simply have to open either Google Play, the App Store or Steam.

If you pre-register, you will not only help reach the above-mentioned milestone challenges, but you will also be the first to know when the game is available for download.

Although the game was designed for players aged 12 and higher, there is no age requirement or restriction for the pre-registration.

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