How to create a Minecraft server

To create a server in Minecraft, players must ensure that they have the latest version of Java in order to install the ‘Server.jar’ file, so they can make adjustments.

Minecraft is a very popular sandbox game for multiple reasons. The game is very easy to learn, and it allows players to do whatever they want. Minecraft features two game modes: Creative Mode and Survival Mode. In Creative Mode, players are able to build anything if they have the creativity to do so. They also have unlimited resources and are able to fly. In Survival Mode, players need to farm resources while avoiding mobs in order to stay alive. The biggest reason the game is so mainstream is that it allows players to play with other people.

The online multiplayer mode in Minecraft is often considered to be the heart of the game. However, to play together on the internet, players need a server that acts as a gateway to the Minecraft world. There are multiple servers to choose from, but players can have a customized gaming experience if they choose to create a server.

It is important to note that this is only applicable to players who are connected to the same internet connection. To create a server, players first need to download the latest version of Java. After installing the program, players should download the ‘Server.jar’ file. Players should also note that they may get a warning stating that this file can be harmful. However, this is normal for any jar file.

Once the ‘Server.jar’ file is installed, players can double-click it to create their configuration files automatically. There is an End User License Agreement (EULA) that players need to accept to prevent the server from immediately crashing. After accepting, open the EULA file, change “eula=false” to “eula=true”. Players should then save this document.

Players should now be able to open the ‘Server.jar’ file. Thereafter, it will generate a handful of new files. Players will see the server start. To join the server, players should log into Minecraft, click the multiple player tab, and they should be able to find the newly created server.

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