How to clean a gaming chair

When cleaning your gaming chair, first determine if it is leather or fabric, as leather can be vacuumed and wiped down, while fabric requires a special upholstery cleaner.

Good gaming chairs are usually quite expensive, which is why one will want to make sure they keep the chair in excellent condition. However, these chairs are known to get dirty very easily, which can frustrate a lot of gamers.

A gaming chair usually comes with the manufacturer’s instructions on how to perform regular cleaning and maintenance tasks. However, most people tend to lose the instructions after some time.

To clean a gaming chair, one must first determine if the chair is made from fabric, leather or mesh. When this has been determined, the user will need to obtain the appropriate cleaning product.

If the user has a genuine leather chair, all they will need is a wet cloth and a vacuum cleaner. The dirt and dust on the seat covers can be removed by the vacuum cleaner, while the damp cloth is sufficient enough to remove stains and dirt.

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However, ensure that the cloth is not too wet, as the water can stain the leather. Let the cover dry thoroughly, before applying a leather conditioner in order to preserve the leather.

For synthetic leather, one can simply vacuum the dust and dirt particles from the cover, before wiping it down with a damp cloth. Let the chair dry thoroughly before using it again.

That being said, the wet cloth technique will not work for a cloth fabric or mesh gaming chair, as rubbing the dirt will only make it more difficult to remove. The user will need special upholstery cleaner and a vacuum cleaner in order to clean their chair.

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Use a vacuum cleaner with a small nozzle in order to remove superficial dirt and loose dust from the covers. Then, use a brush to loosen the dirt penetrated into the chair before vacuuming again. A foam cleaner can then be applied to the covers of the chair.

When the foam is completely dry, one should brush the surface again before using the vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and the foam residue. Depending on how dirty the chair is, the user may repeat the process a few times to remove all the dirt.

To maintain a clean gaming chair, the user should occasionally wipe the chair with a clean piece of cloth, so that the chair does not get dirty over time. This will allow the user to avoid deep cleaning the chair every month or so.


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