How to add a friend on osu!

There are various methods you can use to add a friend on osu!, though the most general way is by right-clicking on their username and selecting “Add to friend.”


Players can test their reaction times and rhythmic abilities in this exciting game, osu! You have to press buttons and perform certain tasks in time to receive a good score.

The buttons you have to press and tasks you have to complete are indicated on the screen. You can progress in the game by improving your position on the leaderboard.

Keep in mind that your main goal does not necessarily have to be improving your position on the board, as it can be quite difficult.

Instead, you can just be a casual player enjoying the game with friends and enjoying the various gaming modes. Alternatively, you can be a solo player looking for a simplistic game to enjoy while listening to your favourite songs.

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Why are there different modes in osu?

The game offers different modes for you to enjoy. In solo mode, you will be able to complete beatmaps alone to receive a score, which can affect your position on the leaderboard. You can play the game with other players or friends in the multi-player gaming mode.

These 2 gaming modes make the game enjoyable for a variety of players since some players prefer solo play, while others prefer playing the games with their friends. Both modes contain different subcategories, otherwise referred to as gaming modes.

How to add a friend on osu!

There are several methods by which to add another player as a friend on osu! The general way to invite a friend is by right-clicking on their name in the game, and selecting option 4, which allows you to send them a friend invitation.

You can also type in the other player’s username on the website, and select  “Add as friend” on the left side of the screen. Alternatively, you can type “/addfriend <username>” in the chat.

You should bear in mind that when you add another player as a friend, you will merely be “following” their progress in the game, and it is one-sided. However, if both parties add each other, they become “mutuals.”

Players do not have to be following or be mutual friends with another user to interact or talk to them. You can talk to another user by pressing the F9 button in the game, which will trigger a chat to pop up.

Outside the game, though, you have to look up the other person’s profile and select the envelope icon to send them a message.

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How to join the multi-player gaming mode with friends

To join a multi-player game with a friend, both parties have to be following each other. Both players also have to be signed into the game to join the multiplayer gaming mode. You will then have to click the “Multi’ option to launch or join a multi-player beatmap.

Players can create a private game by selecting the “New game” option and they can also password-protect it. This means that other players will not be able to join the game. Once your game has been created, you can invite your friend(s) by clicking the F9 button.

This will trigger the chat menu to pop up, however, you should apply a filter so that it only displays your friends. You can then right-click on the friend’s name and invite them into your game.

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What are the different subcategories?

As mentioned above, players can enjoy different subcategories solo, or with their friends. The following table lists the alternative gaming modes with a description of each:

Gaming mode Description


Taiko no Tatsujin is a taiko drum rhythm game that involves a simulation of playing the drum to the beat of the music.


In this mode, players have to move the catcher at the bottom of the screen while fruit falls from above.


This mode has been used widely in almost all big rhythm games. It requires good hand-eye coordination, as the notes move on a conveyor belt.

How to know if other players have added you as a friend

It is worth noting that you will not be notified if another player has followed you back. To see if another player has added you as a friend, you have to go to their profile to see if he or she is a mutual contact.

If he or she is, it means they have followed you back. However, if they are not mutual, they have not followed you back yet or did not add you as a friend.

Final thoughts

Osu! is an exhilarating game that puts the rhythmic abilities and reaction times of players to the test. You need to perform specific tasks and press certain buttons to get a good score.

The score will determine your position on the leaderboard, however, you can decide to be a casual player by not paying attention to the rankings and simply playing casually.

You can also enjoy the game with other players in the multi-player mode, but you need to be friends with them in the game first. To add a player to your friend list, you can simply right-click on their name in the chat menu before selecting, “Add as friend.”

Keep in mind that both parties have to add each other as friends to have a “mutual” connection.

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