How many endings are there for Sons of the Forest?

In total, there are three endings to Sons of the Forest, with two of them being the normal endings and an extra secret ending. Although there are multiple endings for Sons of the Forest, it doesn’t really affect the main story in any major way.

Is there 2 endings in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest features three distinct endings — a good ending, a bad ending, and a secret ending. All three endings require you to go through the gold arm door in a bunker on the eastern shore of the island, but each of them will require you to make different choices.

How many endings does the Forest have?

The game features two endings: If Eric activates the artifact, he causes the plane to crash and is implied to have found a sacrifice to revive Timmy. One year later, Eric and Timmy have apparently been rescued and are invited onto a talk show to promote Eric’s book, which chronicles his experiences on the peninsula.

Is there anything to do after beating Sons of the Forest?

As the helicopter flies off, you’ll unlock the “Fight Demons” achievement. This is the only ending that allows you to continue surviving on the island after finding and entering the Golden Cube. You can keep playing with the others by reloading your save, but that’ll put you back before the ending takes place.

Is there an ending to Sons of the Forest right now?

The final and best ending for Sons of the Forest involves befriending Virginia. If you befriend her and also keep Kelvin around, both of them will join you in the golden cube sequence at the end of the game. Then, board the helicopter, and both will escape the island with you.

Sons of the Forest – All Endings (Early Access)

What is the bad ending of Sons of the Forest?

To get the “bad” ending of Sons of the Forest, choose the backpack to stay on the island. After you pick up your backpack, you’ll watch Timmy and Eric board the helicopter — leaving you and your companions behind. You’ll receive the achievement “Fight Demons” which is earned by staying on the island.

Do you play as Timmy in Sons of the Forest?

WHERES TIMMY? This is some based poetry right here. You dont play as timmy, you will meet him but your not playing him.

What happens if you get in the helicopter at the end of Sons of the Forest?

Choosing to board the helicopter will then complete the secret ending, as Virginia and Kelvin will follow you and you’ll then unlock the ‘Keep Your Friends Close’ achievement.

What happens if you stay on the island in Sons of the Forest?

To get the “bad” ending of Sons of the Forest, choose the backpack to stay on the island. After you pick up your backpack, you’ll watch Timmy and Eric board the helicopter — leaving you and your companions behind. You’ll receive the achievement “Fight Demons” which is earned by staying on the island.

What is golden armor Sons of the Forest?

Golden Armor has a completely unique effect compared to the damage-nullifying effects of eg. Tech Armor. While worn, damage dealt by Demons will be significantly reduced (70%), trivializing encounters with them even if multiple of them are present.

Who is Eric in Sons of the Forest?

Eric LeBlanc is the main protagonist of the first game, The Forest. His entire arc is about finding his son, Timmy, who you can choose to save in the end.

Is Sons of the Forest a prequel?

Sons of the Forest is a survival video game developed by Endnight Games and published by Newnight. It is the sequel to the 2018 video game The Forest, and was released via early access on February 23, 2023, for Microsoft Windows on Steam.

Who is Virginia in Sons of the Forest?

Virginia Puffton is a non-playable character in Sons of the Forest. Alongside Kelvin, she is one of two known player companions. However, unlike Kelvin, she is initially wary of the player and must slowly be befriended to get to a similar relationship.

How do you get the best ending in Sons of the Forest?

Players can do this by interacting with Virginia, accepting her gifts, and playing the game regularly. Once players have befriended Virginia, they can proceed to the ending as normal. In the cave cutscene, Virginia and Kelvin will run into the cube with players and Timmy, ensuring that they reach the best ending.

What is the golden cube in Sons of the Forest?

The golden cube is the reason that there are multiple Mutants on the island. The Cube isn’t seen in person for most of the game, however, it is seen or mentioned in emails and artwork.

What does the SOS do in the Forest?

A plane will spawn in the sky and fly over the player once the SOS signal has been established; however, a plane can spawn whether or not an SOS signal has been built. It cannot be notified in any way.

Do the cannibals Respawn in Sons of the Forest?

This survival horror game comprises numerous threats, like cannibals, mutants, and wild animals. These enemies respawn after being dealt with, but the same cannot be said for AI companions in Sons of the Forest. NPCs, once killed, do not reappear in the game and are permanently lost.

Can you keep the paraglider in Sons of the Forest?

You can pick up the Hang Glider and carry it with you, but much like carrying logs, it can’t be stored in your inventory. So it’s a good idea to keep track of where you leave your Hang Glider after each use (a GPS Locator on a Stick may help with this in remote areas).

Do caves reset in Sons of the Forest?

Yes, enemies also respawn in Sons of the Forest, and like items, this is often triggered by closing and reloading the game, which creates a kind of default state. It can also occur on leaving and reentering certain areas like caves, though this is a little more unreliable.

Is Timmy in Sons of the Forest reddit?

So once your in you meet up with the son, Timmy from the 1st game and another soldier, a cutscene starts where you all step into the open cubic chamber.

Who is the billionaire in the Sons of the Forest?

Edward Puffton is the 63 year old founder and CEO of Puffton Industries, aka Puff Corp. He is a multi-billionaire with an estimated 500 billion dollar estate.

What does the girl do in Sons of Forest?

Virginia is a three-legged and three-armed mutant lady who can fight alongside the players and aid them in various ways like hunting, gathering food items etc. Virginia’s three arms make her a formidable fighter against the cannibals in the game and she can hold two weapons at once.

Can you play without Kevin in Sons of the Forest?

If you want Kelvin gone from Sons of the Forest, he’s going to have to die, and you’re probably going to have to do it yourself. If you’re starting Endnight’s game afresh, you can try leaving him on the ground, but that’s no guarantee he won’t pop up later, a big smile on his face. No, you’re going to have to kill him.

What is wrong with Kelvin in Sons of the Forest?

He is a highly trained soldier, identified by his code name Kelvin emblazoned on his vest. Initially, he accompanied the protagonist on a mission to locate a missing billionaire family. However, a helicopter crash left Kelvin with brain damage, resulting in deafness and muteness.

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