How hard is it to get Dragon Defender in OSRS?

The Dragon Defender has a 1 percent drop rate in OSRS and you can only acquire it by defeating level 106 Cyclopes in the Warrior’s Guild.

Although Old School RuneScape (OSRS) was released in 2013, it is still be considered a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

The game features a persistent world in which you can interact with other players across the globe and with the environment.

As you progress in OSRS, you will come across weapons and armour. There are several weapons you can acquire, such as the Dragon Defender.

Since this weapon is the second strongest defender in the game, players have wondered how difficult it is to acquire.

The Dragon Defender

The Dragon Defender is the second strongest defender in OSRS. It is mainly used for its attack and strength bonus. Its defensive bonuses are comparable to those of an adamant square shield, with slight variations.

Its strength bonus is surpassed by both the Avernic defender and the dragonfire shield. However, the Dragon Defender is more commonly used than either of these for melee training.

Even though it is a weapon, it is equipped in your character’s shield slot. Keep in mind that not all characters can equip it. Your character has to be level 60 in Defence to equip it.

How hard is it to get Dragon Defender in OSRS?

It is worth noting that the Dragon Defender can only be procured from the stronger level 106 Cyclopes, which are found exclusively in the Warrior Guild’s basement.

How hard is it to get Dragon Defender in OSRS?
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A cyclops is a large one-eyed monster and when it is defeated, it can drop many alchable items. Cyclopes in the Warriors’ Guild have a rare chance of dropping a defender. These defensive weapons range from bronze to dragon and must be collected in order.

This means that you have to acquire all the defender weapons before you can get a chance to obtain the Dragon Defender.

You have to start with killing cyclopes on the top floor of the Warrior’s Guild to obtain a defender. Once you have earned a defender, you can show it to Kamfreena outside the chamber.

After getting the rune defender, you can enter the basement of the Warrior’s Guild and attempt to kill the stronger cyclopes for a chance at getting the Dragon Defender.

Keep in mind, however, that the cyclopes are immune to ranged and magic attacks, which makes destroying them much more difficult.

It is worth noting that the drop rate of the Dragon Defender is 1 in 100, which means that it is a pretty rare drop.

Not only are the chances of procuring the weapon incredibly rare, the enemies that you have to defeat to acquire the weapon are extremely powerful.

Where is the Warrior’s Guild?

The Warrior’s Guild can be found west of Burthrope, which is a military principality north west of Falador.

In order to enter the guild, your character’s attack and strength levels must add up to at least 130, or you must have one of these skills that are at level 99.

Inside the guild, you can play several minigames that are related to combat. By performing well in the minigames, you will be rewarded with Warrior Guild Tokens.

The tokens are used to gain entry to the top floor and the basement of the guild, where you can kill cyclopes for defender.

That being said, players who have achieved level 99 in Attack do not need tokens to access the cyclopes and can enter for free while wearing an Attack cape.

How many tokens do you need?

As previously explained, you need Warrior Guild Tokens to unlock the top floor and the basement of the Warrior’s Guild.

We recommend that you have at least 1000 tokens in your inventory. When you enter the room with the Cyclopes, 10 tokens will be taken.

However, every minute that you spend in the cyclops room, ten tokens will be deducted. Therefore, you want to farm as many tokens as possible to ensure you have enough time to kill many cyclopes.

When you run out of tokens, you will be removed from the room.

How many defenders do you need before you can get the Dragon Defender?

OSRS players will stay in the top floor of the Warrior’s Guild until they have acquired the Rune Defender.

Every time that you acquire a defender, you have to show it to Kamfreena before you can continue your farm. You have to collect 6 defenders before you have a chance of getting the Rune Defender.

You have to collect the following defenders:

  • Bronze Defender
  • Iron Defender
  • Steel Defender
  • Black Defender
  • Mithril Defender
  • Adamant Defender

Once you have the Adamant Defender, you have a chance of obtaining the Rune Defender. After you show Kamfreena the Rune Defender , you can enter the basement to farm the Dragon Defender.

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