How fast is the javelin in Jailbreak?

The Javelin in Jailbreak is one of the fastest vehicles, as it reaches 300 MPH within 21.55 seconds, however, it is expensive to purchase.

Jailbreak is an open-world action game with a cops-and-robbers theme. Since it is a Roblox game, it can only be played on the Roblox platform. It bears a resemblance to the popular video game series, Grand Theft Auto, particularly in the ability to rob places in the game.

However, Jailbreak’s content was adjusted to be playable by kids and to follow Roblox’s terms of service. In the game, players can acquire a range of vehicles to aid them when they are robbing different buildings.

One of the vehicles that you can obtain is the javelin, and many players have wondered how fast it is.

Vehicles in Jailbreak

Vehicles are an essential part of Jailbreak, as they are mostly used for traveling around the map, chasing other players, racing, and making quick getaways from robberies.

There are currently 79 vehicles that you can acquire in the game, and each one is  categorized into different categories.

Players can get general cars, super cars, off-road, special, aircraft, and watercraft vehicles. It is important to note that some vehicles can be acquired for free, while others have to be purchased.

The vehicles that you have to purchase are allegedly more beneficial than the vehicles that you receive for free. It is thus advised that you save your in-game cash to purchase a car.

How fast is the javelin in Jailbreak?

The Javelin is based on the Koenigsegg Jesko Attack. It is among the most detailed modes in the game. But unlike the Snake, the Javelin lacks an animated airbrake, but it does have animated doors and windows.

How fast is the javelin in Jailbreak?
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The Javelin is regarded as one of the best performance hypercars in Jailbreak, as it has a high speed and reverse speed. It also has a quick launch and acceleration with incredible handling and off-roading capabilities.

Because of these features, it outperforms most of the game’s land vehicles.

The Javelin can reach 60 miles-per-hour (MPH) in 0.84 seconds. However, it reaches 120 MPH in 2.82 seconds and 240 MPH in 12.42 seconds. Its fastest speed, which is 300 MPH, can be reached within 21.55 seconds.

Some Jailbreak players have revealed that its top speed is 373 MHP, which is faster than almost every other vehicle, including the Concept. However, it is only 5 MPH slower than the Torpedo and it is behind the Burlee and the Jet Ski.

This makes it the third-highest top speed among land vehicles, and the fourth-highest top speed overall. That being said, the Javelin’s reverse speed reaches 115 MPH, which is faster than the Torpedo. This means that it is the second fastest of the land vehicles.

With regard to handling, the Javelin can still be controlled at speeds as high as 280 MPH, but it becomes less controllable at speeds over 300 MPH. The vehicle becomes quite slippery in the rain, which makes it less controllable.

How to acquire the Javelin

Vehicles in Jailbreak can be purchased with in-game cash, or you can unlock a new vehicle by getting gamepasses. Moreover, players will receive a vehicle when they reach level 10 in a Season.

As for Javelin, it can only be purchased it with cash. The vehicle costs approximately 929 in-game cash. This means that you have to grind and farm the tasks that reward you with cash to purchase the vehicle.

How to get cash

There are several methods that you can use to obtain cash in Jailbreak, but  the easiest way is the daily paycheck. As of the Balance Update, police get extra cash from their arrests, do not get pickpocketed, and own the SWAT gamepass.

Alternatively, you can get cash for arresting criminals and guilty prisoners. However, you can also rob several enterprises in the game to steal cash.

When you assist a Museum robbery, you will receive a specific amount of cash. However, if you protect the Cargo Ship and Passenger Trains from robberies, you will be rewarded with cash.

Players should note that there are also several ways to lose cash, such as arresting an innocent prisoner. Naturally, you will also lose cash when you spend it on vehicles, weapons, gun skins, and houses.

Which vehicles can be acquired for free?

There are currently 5 vehicles that you can acquire completely free of charge. However, 2 of these vehicles were only obtainable for a limited time period.

The Camaro is an iconic getaway vehicle, as it has the most spawn points of any vehicle. The Helicopter is practical, and it has many uses.

Although the Jeep can only be found at the Military Base, it can be spawned by anyone using the Mobile Garage.

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