How do you reach max sentiment in Sons of the Forest?

You can increase (and eventually maximize) your sentiment with Virginia by doing these actions:

  1. Watch her dance.
  2. Go near her without drawing or holding a weapon.
  3. Kill any enemy she points out to you.
  4. Help or revive her when she needs the assistance.
  5. Lay out food for her in crop plots and drying racks.

How do you get max rep in Virginia Sons of the Forest?

Firstly, players must get Virginia as a companion and keep her alive. Additionally, players need to keep Kelvin alive and achieve maximum sentiment with Virginia. Players can do this by interacting with Virginia, accepting her gifts, and playing the game regularly.

How do I get max affinity with Virginia?

I just got it and I believe you have to spend alot of time near her, accept her gifts, follow her when she tells you to and you should in return get a thumbs up which increases your relationship status with her.

How do you get Virgina to like you in Sons of the Forest?

How to befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest

  1. Press “G” to holster any items in your hands.
  2. Calmly continue with any tasks without approaching her or holding a weapon.
  3. Light any fires that she approaches around your base.
  4. Watch Virginia as she dances.
  5. Revive her if she gets attacked by enemies.

How old is Virginia Sons of the Forest?

Virginia Puffton is the 20 year-old daughter of Edward and Barbara Puffton and a companion NPC that can be found in Sons of the Forest.

How To Get Secret Ending With Virginia & Reach Max Sentiment – Sons Of The Forest Part 13

Who is the girl with 4 arms in Sons of the Forest?

A mysterious, mutated heiress to a massive fortune, Virginia in Sons Of The Forest is an odd and sympathetic character. First encountered in the wild and usually early on in the game, she can be quite unsettling to see sprinting through the brush and leaping over tall boulders.

What happens if you accidentally hit Virginia Sons of the Forest?

It turns out that if you kill Virginia, she dies, and then she’s gone forever, unless you load a previous save. So don’t kill her. Instead, give her a gun and make her your companion. She’s a lot more useful alive than dead.

How do you befriend cannibals in Sons of the Forest?

It will not be possible to build mutually beneficial relations. Cannibal AI adapts to the player. If you actively feud with Cannibals and ravage their villages, kill their relatives, they will more actively seek battles with you. If not, they will be a little less aggressive, but still quite hostile.

Who is the three legged woman in Sons of the Forest?

Virginia is a three-legged, three-armed mutant lady who can fight alongside the players and aid them in various ways like hunting, gathering food items etc. Virginia’s three arms make her a formidable fighter against the cannibals in the game and she can hold two weapons at once.

How do you get the secret ending in Sons of the Forest?

How to get the secret ending in Sons of the Forest

  1. Get Virginia as a companion and keep her alive.
  2. Keep Kelvin alive.

Why is Virginia scared of me Sons of the Forest?

If the player attacks Virginia she will become fearful of the player and will not help or stay around. Virginia can be downed by mutants, cannibals, and players but she doesn’t spawn outside of the player’s radius, meaning she can’t be killed off-screen.

What is the red arm in Sons of the Forest?

The red arm icon in Sons of the Forest is related to your strength, though it doesn’t, normally, show how strong you are. Instead, it shows how close you are to reaching the next strength level. The more physical tasks you undertake, the more the red circle fills up.

How many endings does Sons of the Forest have?

In total, there are three endings to Sons of the Forest, with two of them being the normal endings and an extra secret ending. Although there are multiple endings for Sons of the Forest, it doesn’t really affect the main story in any major way.

Is there alternate endings in Sons of the Forest?

There are multiple endings in Sons of the Forest. Though the companions present at the end depend on who you bring with you to the finale, in general, the story remains the same depending on one of two decisions made at a key point in the game.

Can you redo the ending in Sons of the Forest?

It is worth noting that players will only be able to continue their playthrough for the bad ending. For the good and secret endings, they will have to restart from a different save file. Sons of the Forest has received high praise for its immersive gameplay, which keeps players on their toes, and its stunning graphics.

How do you befriend 3 legged girl in Sons of the Forest?

-To make friendship with Virginia, players should wait for her to approach them and then put away any weapons or items they may be holding by pressing the “G” key. Players should be careful not to do anything that might frighten her.

Can cannibals destroy houses in Sons of the Forest?

Thanks to the game’s destruction physics, any build is at risk of collision—whether it’s by the lovely companion, Kelvin, scary Cannibals, or mistakenly thrown explosives. But there’s a way to safeguard buildings in Sons of the Forest: Turn off structure damage in the options.

What does the Red Mask in Sons of the Forest do?

The red mask petrifies weak Cannibals, but the golden one scares stronger enemies away. While little is known about mask colors, they seem to signify the wearer’s rank, with gold being a sign of superiority. Red masks are comparable to red pain in the Forest, the predecessor to Sons of the Forest.

Does Virginia come back if she dies in Sons of the Forest?

To revive Virginia and Kelvin in Sons of the Forest, you must navigate the files for the game on your PC and tweak some of the text to alter their status from dead to alive.

What is the bad ending of Sons of the Forest Virginia?

To get the “bad” ending of Sons of the Forest, choose the backpack to stay on the island. After you pick up your backpack, you’ll watch Timmy and Eric board the helicopter — leaving you and your companions behind. You’ll receive the achievement “Fight Demons” which is earned by staying on the island.

Does Virginia Respawn if she dies Sons of the Forest?

If Virginia is not aided in time, she will die permanently and not respawn in that game save.

What does the 3 legged woman do in Sons of the Forest?

-Unlike Kevin, Virginia will not take orders from the players. As an independent helper, she will frequently bring plants and small animals to the player. She will only accept a weapon or GPS tracker when befriended, and may also accept a change of clothes if the player finds a new outfit for her.

Who is the AI guy in Sons of the Forest?

In the newly-released Early Access game, Sons of the Forest, Kelvin is an AI character who is always there to lend a helping hand to players. While he may not be able to hear or speak, players can communicate with Kelvin via a notepad, which makes for some hilarious interactions.

Who is Kelvin in Sons of the Forest?

Kelvin is king in Sons Of The Forest. An ally who survives the helicopter crash at the start of the game, Kelvin is your first companion in Sons of the Forest, and he’s incredibly useful.

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