How do you complete Through Time and Space?


  1. Join Avallac’h.
  2. Follow Avallac’h.
  3. Find the next passage.
  4. Wait until the passage opens.
  5. Kill the monsters.
  6. Travel to the next world.
  7. Find the next passage.
  8. Find the next passage.

How do I get Through Time and Space Witcher 3?


  1. After you receive the “Final Preparations” quest, find Avallac’h in Novigrad and talk to him to start “Through Time and Space”.
  2. Go with Avallac’h to the haunted house from the quest “Novigrad Deaming”. …
  3. In the Ddiddiwedht Desert Worl, follow Avallac’h to the next portal.

Should I do Through Time and Space before Final Preparations?

While the order in which you complete them does not matter, this walkthrough guide will use the order that makes the most narrative sense, which is “Blindingly Obvious,” “The Great Escape,” “Payback,” and “Through Space and Time.”

How do I find the next passage in The Witcher?

Find the next passage

On the other side of the portal, make your way down the steps and along the grassy ledge. The next portal lies in the distance, so you’ll need to find a way to reach it. Continue along the path, then climb up the ledge once you reach it.

Should I trust Avallach?

It’s to get you to further question his motives, doubt his intentions, and just generally lead you to not trusting him. He simply wanted to use her as a tool to stop the white frost, saving all worlds, even if it may be too late for his own. He “hates” in the same way that humans hate elves.

The Witcher 3 – Through Time And Space: Find The Next Passage: Navigate The Poisonous Gas World PS4

Is Avallach in love with Ciri?

The game suggests that despite her half-bred nature, Avallac’h may have had some romantic feelings for Ciri because of her resemblance to Lara Dorren. Drawings of Lara among his paperwork revealed this resemblance, but the elven woman claimed that the sage wanted nothing to do with her beyond her genetics.

Why does Eredin want the elder blood?

Eredin reveals Auberon’s plan to Ciri that he wants to impregnate her to give birth to an offspring of elder blood in order to restore the power of the Aen Elle elves, which would result in mass conquest of the other world and mass slavery to old age.

Should I win the race payback?

There are no rewards for winning and no penalties for losing, aside from dialogue changes. After the race, Geralt and Ciri will have some time to talk, providing you with an opportunity to act like a father to her.

What is the last main quest in The Witcher 3?

Tedd Deireadh, The Final Age is a main quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This is the final main quest in the game.

How many Witcher endings are there?

There are actually 36 unique ending scenarios if you take into account all the different things you can do throughout the whole game. Although that number covers various side mission outcomes and other less important decisions. In reality there are three main outcomes to get The Witcher 3.

Why Geralt hates portals?

The reason why Geralt hates the transportation power is that it doesn’t always work properly. For instance, some people in the Witcher universe have been ripped in half by portals, whereas others have completely disappeared after going through one.

Should I do hearts of stone before Final Preparations?

The best time to play them may depend on what your priorities are. If you want the expansions to make the most narrative sense in terms of fitting into the story, I would say play Hearts of Stone while doing the main quest “Final Preparations” in Novigrad (close to the end of the game).

What happens if you shove Dijkstra?

Shove him aside and you wont get the quest. Originally posted by jclosed: If you shove Dijkstra away, you will miss the chance to play the plot to kill Radovid. You also lose all credit with him, and you cannot count on any help from him later on.

Is there any loot in through time and space?

On the way to the lighthouse, you’ll find containers of random loot, as well as notes and writings from travellers and prior inhabitants of the town, namely Traveler’s notes, Anna’s notes, and Ervyl’s diary.

What is the 40 second rule Witcher 3?

The 40 second rule is a method that was intended to keep the player engaged while exploring The Witcher 3’s game world. It keeps the player engaged by rewarding them with POIs at least every 40 seconds (Noclip. 2017).

Should I let Ciri talk to the lodge by herself?

Yeah you should. It’ll help her work towards the good ending. A big portion in which ending you get is Ciri’s feelings of confidence. You you make her choices for her and prevent her from choosing her own path she will lose this confidence.

What is max level in Witcher 3?

When playing the base game on its own or with the Hearts of Stone expansion, Geralt’s max level is 70. However, the large Blood and Wine expansion increases this cap up to level 100. This is an extremely generous cap because players will most likely end the game with a level of around 50.

Should I do Hearts of Stone before Isle of Mists?

Storywise Hearts of Stone could be done before going to the Island of Mists. In my oppinnion one don’t neccessarily just OP playing HoS, If you already are at the level when you can complete the HoS quests like level 32’ish, you are already overpowered for the endgame.

What order should you play The Witcher 3?

Best Quest Order for Witcher 3: Act 3

  1. Bald Mountain.
  2. Final Preparations.
  3. Blindingly Obvious.
  4. Reason of State.
  5. The Great Escape.
  6. Payback.
  7. Through Time and Space.
  8. Battle Preparations.

What happens if you let junior live Witcher 3?

If you spare him, he becomes a hobo and you see him getting attacked by some kids. If you kill him, Dudu takes over his identity and turns his business legit. It’s probably better for revenge to spare him but you make Dudu’s and maybe some other peoples lives better if you kill him.

How do I recruit Philippa Eilhart?

Blindingly Obvious

  1. Go to the bathhouse with Triss. Follow Triss through the city until you reach the bathhouse.
  2. Look for Philippa in the bathhouse. On your arrival, head inside immediately. Leave Triss to guard the door.
  3. Catch Philippa Eilhart. Why does everyone swear so much in The Witcher 3? Read more on

Who stole Ciri’s money?

When what is actually a baby wyvern (think: dragon that can’t yet fly) escapes from the cage, Ciri goes for her knife only to discover that Mistle has stolen it. She returns it just in time for Ciri to kill the beast. But after the battle is won, Ciri realizes she’s had her money stolen, too.

Who killed elf baby Witcher?

First, a look back at The Witcher season 2

By the time The Witcher season 2 ended, viewers learned Duny was Emhyr var Emreis, aka the White Flame and Ciri’s father. Not only is he alive, but he also ordered the elf baby’s murder and he’s running things in Nilfgaard under a scary alias.

Who killed Eredin?

By killing Eredin, Geralt manages to ensure that his adoptive daughter Ciri is finally free (more or less) to make her own choices and doesn’t have to spend the rest of her life fleeing from the Wild Hunt.

Who kills Eredin?

After many chases and near-escapes, Geralt would eventually fight Eredin in a battle that took the pair through portals to many different worlds. Geralt’s victory ended in Eredin’s death, but in his dying moments he hinted that both of them had been used by Avallac’h, who wanted to use Ciri’s power for his own ends.

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