How do you calculate crit DMG and crit rate?

Average Damage = Attack x Crit Rate x (1+Crit Damage) + Attack x (1-Crit Rate), i.e. the probability of a crit multiplied by damage when crit plus probability of a non-crit multiplied by damage when non crit. The values above assumes Attack = 1, for easier visualisation.

How do you calculate CRIT Rate and crit damage?

The probability that an attack will be a Critical Hit is controlled by the CRIT Rate attribute. If the attack is a Critical Hit, the CRIT DMG attribute will determine the multiplier applied: DMG CRIT = DMG × ( 1 + % CRIT DMG ) {displaystyle {text{DMG}}_{text{CRIT}}={text{DMG}}times (1+%{text{CRIT DMG}})}

Does 100% CRIT Rate mean every hit is a crit?

What happens if you have 100% crit rate? Having 100% or more CRIT Rate means that attacks will always critically hit.

How do I count my CV in Genshin?

Genshin Impact

Take your biggest crit value gear and put them on a single character. Disregard set and main stat other than crit circlet. Then calculate your final CV from artifacts alone with 2×CR+CD. For me the highest is 2×84.4+91.7 = 260.5.

Why do you multiply CRIT Rate by 2?

The logic comes from puting the stats in a vacuum and computing for highest yield using the stat weights on the head piece artifact as a derivative. It’s just a rule of thumb based on artifacts generally providing twice as much Crit DMG as Rate (e.g. 62.2% vs. 31.1%).

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How do you calculate critical damage?

The chance of landing a critical hit is r. When the hit is critical, the damage is b×[1+c]. When the hit is not critical, the damage is simply b.

Do you double all damage on a crit?

Crit can either double the damage of what you rolled or roll double the dice.

How do you get a good crit ratio in Genshin?

You can increase your CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG by equipping artifacts with CRIT Main and Sub stats. Only Circlets can get CRIT stats as their Main artifact stat, so you should build your artifacts based on whatever your Circlet artifact has.

What is considered a good CV Genshin?

At least 30 cv is what satisfies me. I might accept 25+ if its on hard to get artifacts like those Elemental Goblets or Atk% Sands. 35 for Feather/Flower. 30 for Sands and Off Set Goblet.

What is a good total crit value?

Also because of this 1 : 2, Crit Value is defined as (2 x Crit Rate + Crit Damage). This is typically used on an artifact to determine how good it is in terms of Crits. An item with over 40 in Crit Value is great in terms of rolls into Crit Rate and Crit Damage.

What should I prioritize crit rate or crit damage?

Crit rate is more important than Crit dmg, for the simply reason that if you dont have enough crit rate you will not apply critical hits to make use of your crit dmg. In other words, crit dmg is worthless if you dont have crit rate.

Why is too much crit rate bad?

Having more crit rate or more crit damage is never a bad thing. :P. You can use the 1:2 ratio as a guideline. In your case, you have a crit dmg which is much higher than 2x the crit rate, so if you manage to increase the “rate” you will benefit more than if increasing the “dmg”.

Why Kokomi has negative crit rate?

Kokomi is meant to be a casual player character where you could put random artifacts on her with no crit and still do well. Her crit had to be removed so that her high damage floor loses a multiplier and wouldn’t end up with insane ceilings.

How is character crit value calculated?

Also because of this 1 : 2, Crit Value is defined as (2 x Crit Rate + Crit Damage). This is typically used on an artifact to determine how good it is in terms of Crits.

How do you calculate crit in D&D?

Weapon crit damage is calculated as such: max dice damage + rolled damage + modifier. For example, if you crit with a longsword, your damage would be 8 + 1d8 + modifier. If you add additional dice such as smite, sneak attack, etc. you just roll double the dice.

What are the most profitable characters in Genshin Impact?

But these characters are player favorites, with some being waited on by players for months on end.

  1. 1 Hu Tao & Yelan. Revenue: $46,556,153.
  2. 2 Raiden Shogun & Ayato. Revenue: $37,919,130. …
  3. 3 Ayaka & Shenhe. Revenue: $35,962,024. …
  4. 4 Ayaka Rerun. …
  5. 5 Nahida & Yoimiya. …
  6. 6 Raiden Shogun & Kokomi. …
  7. 7 Raiden Shogun. …
  8. 8 Yelan & Xiao. …

Should I build Venti with crit?

You should just build Venti like any carry dps: anemo cup, crit helm, & atk sands.

What is max Genshin talent level?

The maximum potential talent level is stated to be 15; however, the highest currently achievable talent levels are 14 for Normal Attacks, Elemental Skills, and Elemental Bursts.

What is the best strength to crit damage ratio?

Strength used to be calculated differently in the damage formula, but it has since been changed to scale the same way that crit damage does. As a result, it’s generally best to have them at a 1:1 ratio.

Is 40% crit rate good enough?

I would say around 50% is a must. I tried to go for 39% crit rate and 185% crit damage instead and it feels like I am doing less damage overall most of the time.

What happens if you have 100% CRIT Rate?

Having 100% or more CRIT Rate means that attacks will always critically hit.

Does sharpshooter double on a crit?

Does Sharpshooter double with crit? No. Only damage dice are doubled.

Do you double smite dice on a crit?

The point being, the cap is only on the initial bonus dice pool in relation to slot level, and a crit would double the entire pool. Rogue Sneak Attack + Booming Blade + Spirit Shroud + divine smite + improved smite + thunderous smite all in one. They all offer double dice when you crit.

What is the formula for damage?

damage = attack * attack / defense; In the above formula, when attack and defense are equal, the damage value will be equal to the attack value. The issue with this formula is that if the attack value becomes much higher than the defense value, the damage value will skyrocket!

What does 100 crit damage mean?

You have 100% crit damage, you deal an additional 100% of your normal damage if you crit (for a total of 200% damage). Example: 1 normal attack deals 500 dmg no crit. With 100% crit dmg, now if that attack crit, it deals 1000.

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