How big is the Warzone 2 update?

The Warzone 2 update is approximately 22.1 gigabytes, which means that you may have to clear up space on your platform to download it.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is a recently-released first-person shooter video game that serves as the 19th instalment of the Call of Duty series. Similarly to its predecessors, the game is set in a modern and realistic setting.

The game’s developer, Infinity Ward, recently released the patch notes for Warzone’s second season, and several players have inquired how big the update is.

Season 2 patch notes

On Wednesday, 15 February 2023, Call of Duty released the patch notes for Warzone’s second season. The update brings back resurgence with the arrival of the Ashika Island map.

Players can also complete Path of Ronin Challenges in Warzone 2.0 to earn rewards, and a fan-favourite weapon is included as well.

Furthermore, you can vanquish your opponents with the new Ronin Operator and 4 new weapons in the season. The update also introduced a new personal watercraft vehicle, which allows you to engage in fast-paced aquatic combat.

The patch notes also shared details about an all new Battle Pass, which includes 3 new weapons and a great deal of rewards for forging your path.

How big is the Warzone 2 update?

In order to enjoy the new content that was introduced with season 2, you have to download and install the update onto your console or personal computer (PC).

It is imperative that you know that this update is extremely big, as there are numerous new features added to the game.

In addition to the new content, the devs also resolved some bugs that several players were experiencing. The table below outlines how big the Warzone 2 update is for each platform:

Platform Size of update
PlayStation The update is roughly 22.1 gigabytes
Xbox You have to download approximately 22.1 gigabytes.
PC At this point, there are no reports about the update size for PC users. However, we assume that it is a fairly similar size to that of PlayStation and Xbox players. This means that you likely have to download 22.1 gigabytes to install the update.

Since the update is so big, most players will have to free up space on their gaming platform to download it. To manage your space on PlayStation, you may need to delete some applications.

But do not fret, you will not lose access to these games. The games you delete can be redownloaded from your Library whenever you like.

To delete an application from a PlayStation, you have to highlight the application in the content launcher or Library. Press the  “Options” button on your controller, then select the “Delete” option to uninstall the game.

How to free up space on an Xbox

If you are running low on space on your Xbox, you may have to uninstall items in order to install the Warzone 2 update. Alternatively, you can set up an external storage device if you do not want to uninstall your games.

To manage both your internal and external storage, you have to press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide.

You then have to select the “Profile and System” option to open the settings menu. Here, you have to select the system and then storage devices.

On the storage devices menu, a graphic for each drive displays the percentage of space that is used and that is free.

By selecting the “View contents” option, you can uninstall games to free up space for Warzone 2.

How to free up space on your PC

In order to free up space on your PC, you have to uninstall a few programs and applications. However, you can also set up an external drive to store your games on.

Players can uninstall games on Steam, Epic Games, and Blizzard to make some space on their PC.

Furthermore, you can also clear up space on Windows to make room for the Warzone 2 update. You can uninstall all old Windows files by removing the “windows.old.file” file from your PC.

Do you have to install the Warzone 2 update to play the game?

Unfortunately, Warzone 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will not run if you do not update the game entirely. If you want to continue your Warzone adventure, you are somewhat forced to clear up space on your gaming platform to install the update.

Although this means uninstalling some of your other games, the Warzone 2 update introduces loads of new content and features that you can enjoy.

Bear in mind that uninstalling a game on your platform does not mean that you will lose the game. You can always reinstall the game whenever you feel like it.

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