Hogwarts Legacy: Should you keep the Astrolabe?

Whether you keep the Astrolabe or return it in Hogwarts Legacy, you will receive the Mermaid Mask cosmetic, which can alter the appearance of a gear piece.

Hogwarts Legacy is a thrilling video game that invites gamers to explore a Wizarding World. Before you can explore the universe, you have to create your own character.

As you progress in the game, you will find numerous quests. One of the side quests that you can complete is The Lost Astrolabe and many players are curious about whether they should keep the Astrolabe or not.

Hogwarts Legacy Plot

The main story of Hogwarts Legacy follows a school student who begins their journey in their 5th year. Since you are starting at the school later than other students, you are given a wizard field guide by the Ministry of Magic.

Completing sections of this guide through exploration provides you with additional information and experience points.

You hold the key to an ancient secret that threatens to tear the wizarding world apart. It is now up to you to uncover why this forgotten magic has suddenly made a resurgence.

To help you on your journey, Professor Eleazar Fig serves as a mentor figure to your character.

Hogwarts Legacy: Should you keep the Astrolabe?

As you complete the main plot of Hogwarts Legacy, you will come across various side missions which are not mandatory to complete.

Although it is advisable that you do complete them, as they provide additional lore about the Wizarding World. Moreover, your character will receive experience points for completing the side missions.

One of the side quests that you can complete is The Lost Astrolabe. To begin this quest, you have to speak to Grace Pinch-Smedley. This Slytherin student can be found on an old wooden deck in the Lower Hogsfield area of the South Hogwarts region.

Hogwarts Legacy: Should you keep the Astrolabe?
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It is important to note that you have to at least be on level 7 in order to trigger the quest. It is best to wait until you are summoned to the area by Natty during the fourth main quest.

Grace will ask you to help her find her family’s lost Astrolabe, which is in the water to the northeast of the doc. To reach it, you simply have to jump into the water and make your way toward the area marked on your map.

After finding it, you need to return to Grace to hand in the quest. As with many other quests, you are given a choice to either keep the Astrolabe or to return it to its owner. Choosing to keep the Astrolabe or demanding a reward will certainly irritate Grace.

Whether you decide to keep the Astrolabe or to return it, you will earn exactly the same rewards. You will receive 180 experience points as well as the Mermaid Mask.

What is the Mermaid Mask?

There are several cosmetic items in Hogwarts Legacy, one of which is the Mermaid Mask. The mask can be used to customise the appearance of a piece of gear. That being said, a cosmetic item does not give your character additional abilities or spells.

The cosmetic item only changes your character’s appearance and does not affect your gameplay. To apply a cosmetic item, you need to open your inventory and select the item that you want to equip your character with.

How to dive underwater

In order to retrieve the Astrolabe, you have to dive underwater. You can dive underwater while swimming by going to a white circle and either clicking on the square icon on a PlayStation or the X button on an Xbox to dive.

This mechanic is incredibly useful as, just like with chests, the items and gear that you receive while diving are random.

Therefore, it is possible to save and reload the game to reroll the rewards for each dive spot. This allows you to loot some great items if you have the patience to save and reload the game multiple times.

Will Grace be upset if you keep the Astrolabe?

If you decide to keep the Astrolabe, you should keep in mind that Grace will be extremely upset and will wish nothing but sorrow for you.

Players should note keeping the Astrolabe does not give you additional bonuses whatsoever, however, it will remain in your inventory.

It is therefore recommended that you rather ask for the money, which does not have any disadvantages. If you ask for a reward, you will receive 20 gold, which can have an influence on your gameplay.

In addition to the gold, you will also receive the Mermaid Mask. However, you can also return the Astrolabe without demanding a reward.

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