Hogwarts Legacy: Phoenix

The Phoenix is one of the 13 beasts that you can catch Hogwarts Legacy; the one-and-only Phoenix in he game can be found by talking to Deek, the House-Elf in your Requirement Room.

The Phoenix is an elegant, rare bird with powerful magic abilities. It is reborn from its ashes after bursting into flames. The loyalty of the Phoenix is hard won.

All Phoenix Den Locations

There are technically no Phoenix dens on the map. You can find the one-and-only Phoenix by talking to Deek, the House-Elf in your Requirement Room.

Number of dens Location Directions
Phoenix Mountain Cave You’ll get a phoenix after completing House-Elf Deek’s sidequest entitled, “Phoenix Rising.” Start by speaking with Deek the House-Elf in the Room of Requirement

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How to Catch the Phoenix

To catch or rescue a Phoenix beast in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll need to complete the Phoenix Rising quest, however, it won’t be available until much later in the game.

You must first finish a number of other quests, including:

  • Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial Quest
  • All of Deek, The House Elf’s sidequests regarding the Room of Requirement and rescuing Beasts.

Eventually, players must head to the Phoenix’s location, the Phoenix Mountain Cave, in the northeast of Poidsear Castle Floo Flame, and rescue the rare beast before it falls into the hands of the poachers.

You can make your way to the mountain, either by Floo Flame, broom, mount or walking. 

Upon entering the cave, keep going in a straight line. You will encounter a couple of poachers before reaching a balcony where you’ll encounter the Phoenix for the first time. The creature will fly away, seemingly guiding you.

When you reach the Phoenix’s nest, it will land on a tall rock and patiently wait for you to catch it. You can just walk right up to it and use your Nab-sack; it will instantly go inside.

Return to Deek in the Room of Requirement. The majestic beast will automatically be released and will head straight to the Mountain Vivarium, the fourth and final biome upgrade.

There you can visit it, take care of it and collect Phoenix Feathers for your upgrades.

Hogwarts Legacy: Phoenix
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Phoenix Feathers

Phoenix beasts drop Phoenix Feathers. These Feathers can be used to upgrade and assign traits to gear.

Currently, there are two ways to obtain the ingredient. By starting and finishing the Phoenix Rising side quest. This way, you can periodically obtain the ingredient by taking care of the Phoenix at your Vivarium.

The better you take care of your Phoenix, the more Phoenix Feathers you will receive.

The second method of obtaining a Phoenix Feather entails visiting the Hamlet Shop in Irondale, in the Feldcroft Region. Phoenix Feathers cost 700 Gold Galleons.

Shiny Phoenix

Unfortunately, the Phoenix is the only beast in the game that does not have a shiny variant, as this bird is one-of-a-kind.

Phoenix Breeding

Sadly, in Hogwarts Legacy, the Phoenix is the only magical beast that cannot be bred. This is so because there is only one Phoenix in the game. You also can’t cross-breed with similar-looking birds.

Returning to Phoenix Mountain will not spawn another for you to capture.

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