STFC: Hirogen Elite

Hirogen Hunter Elites are considered one of most difficult enemies to defeat in STFC, however, with the right crew, you can vanquish them from the galaxy.

As you progress in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) you will encounter different types of opponents, one of which is the Hirogen Hunter Elite.

This hostile type ranges from level 35 to level 60, which essentially indicates that low-level players will not be able to vanquish them from the galaxy.

Although there are different levels of Hirogen Elites, they all share the same ability, namely, Shield Disruptors.

The ability allows the hostels to reduce the target ship’s shield mitigation by 10 percent for 1 round every time it hits a target with a weapon attack.

Hirogen Elite
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Although you can use any crew to take on a Hirogen Elite hostile, this is not recommended. This is because some crews will perform better against the enemies than others.

On the official STFC Discord server, one Commander revealed that he uses Janeway, Torres with Ghrush, Hugh and Parris below deck.

He advises other players to travel to the highest system that you can reach and comfortably destroy the hostiles in that system with this crew.

Another player named CollateralDamage mentioned that if you have the USS Voyager, you should use it with Janeway, however, he recommends that you use Freebooter crews if you are yet to construct the Voyager.

Hirogen Elite Location

Similarly to other hostiles in STFC, the Hirogen Hunter Elites only spawn in specific systems. The table below lists the systems in which you can find the enemies:

Level Systems
  • Derevoi
  • Attana
  • Satar
  • Ini’tarash Rest
  • Crypsotys
  • Asil-A
  • Hyrolaw
  • Xi’taiq
  • Zevritus
  • Ebriosys
  • Perryk
  • Kunnan
  • Bartu’shakai
  • Tauriels
  • Liasoures
  • K’tje
  • Vadeli
  • Oitalka
  • Rearys
  • Sirpa
  • Illusys

Commanders should remember that each of these systems have specific warp range requirements and if your warp range is not high enough, you will not be able to travel to the systems.

Why should you defeat Hirogen Hunter Elites?

Since the Hirogen Hunter Elites are extremely difficult to destroy, several players have wondered if it is necessary to vanquish them from the system. If you defeat these enemies, you will receive a specific number of Hirogen Relics.

Players can exchange their Hirogen Relics for Deuterium Canisters, which can be used to activate the USS Voyager’s active ability. You can use this ability to destroy Species 8472, which drops Exotic Biotoxins.

STFC Commanders can exchange the Biotoxins for Voyager Travel Tokens and Commerce Insignia.

You will then be able to travel to Voyager space and collect Anomaly Samples. You can exchange Anomaly Samples for Artifact Shards, Ship Parts and Research Dust.

Hirogen Hunters

Hirogen Hunter Elites are essentially the stronger version of Hirogen Hunters. These enemies’ levels range from 25 to 60, which means that lower-level players will be able to defeat them.

Even if they are easier to defeat, you will still earn Hirogen Relics for vanquishing them.

Since Hirogen Hunters also drop Hirogen Relics, Commanders prefer to destroy Hirogen Hunters over Hirogen Hunter Elites.

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