Highway exits in Cities: Skylines

Highway exits are an essential part of Cities: Skylines, as residents will not be able to leave your city without them.


Cities: Skylines is an adventurous single-player video game that allows players to enjoy city building simulation features.

In this open-ended world, you can engage in urban planning to control the public services, public transport, zoning, and road placements in your city. You also have to manage the pollution and employment levels while keeping an eye on the city’s budget.

When you start the game, you will have an empty plot of land with a highway. You have to place roads in the city and decide where your zones will be.

As people move into the city, you will have to provide basic services for them. You can unlock additional features as you advance in the game.

What is a highway exit?

The highway may seem like an insignificant feature, but it is actually an essential part of the game. People will not be able to enter, visit, or leave your city without the highway. Players should thus ensure that they build a smooth and efficient highway entrance and exit.

Highway Cities- Skylines
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If you do not have an exit or entrance, your city will not have residents, which means that you will not generate any income. Subsequently, you will not progress or reach certain milestones in the game.

It is therefore recommended that you invest some time and energy into creating a highway entrance and exit.

Highway exits in Cities: Skylines

There are various highway exits that players can build to make it possible for people to leave their city. However, some exits are more successful than others. Bear in mind, though, that this method only applies to highways that are completely straight and flat.

Firstly, you want to create guideline roads, as this makes it much easier to build complex structures. You should create a section of road, approximately 5 units long at a 90-degree angle on either side of the highway.

Next, players have to create parallel roads next to the highway that are approximately 50 units long. Next, you can extend the guideline road by 15 units. Players can then create a road along the highway with a marker halfway. This road will be the starting point.

Highway Cities- Skylines1
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You will then be able to create the first overpass, which should be 12 units long with a height of 9 metres. The next step is to extend the road by 7 units before creating circles with a radius of 6 units.

You should thus extend the road by 6 units from the parallel road. But, since you should have already extended it by 2 units, you only have to extend it by 4 units.

After you create the circle, you can remove parts of the parallel road, but not entirely. You can then complete the circle before extending the overpass on the parallel road.

It is worth noting that you have to decrease the height of the circle to make it easier for residents to exit the highway.

Furthermore, you should convert all the roads of the overpass to highway ramp type of roads. You have to follow the same method to create the second overpass.

The finishing touches

Once you have completed both overpasses, you can begin the finishing touches. Players should create the entrance and exit ramps on either side. To do this, you can create another road of approximately 8 units long.

It will create another part of the circle with the same 6-unit radius. You should then remove parts of the parallel road at the other end before creating the connection using sectors of the circle with 6 units by 6 units, and a 90-degree angle.

All the roads should be converted to highway ramps. Players have to remove all the remaining guideline roads and extend the roads at the starting points. You will then be able to connect all of the roads.

Does building a highway exit cost money?

Whether you are playing the game in unlimited or limited money modes, creating and building a highway exit does cost money. However, this will not be a problem in the unlimited money mode, as your money will never end, as indicated by the name of the mode.

building highway exit cities skylines
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Players who play in the limited money mode should pay close attention to their finances and their city’s budget, as they can quickly end up in a crisis if they do not.

How to make more money

You do not have to be in a financial crisis to make more money. It is advisable that players make as much money as possible, without driving their residents away or causing problems. The most common way to generate an income is experimenting with your taxes.

You don’t want to make it too low, as this will cause an increase in population, but you do not want to make it too high, as residents will decrease if you do. Players should thus find the perfect balance in the payable taxes.

Final thoughts

Players are invited to experience city-building simulation elements and an open-ended world in this thrilling video game, Cities: Skylines.

You can engage in urban planning by taking control of public services, zoning, road placements, and public transport in a city. Additionally, it is your responsibility to manage the city’s pollution, budget, and employment levels, amongst others.

Though the highway may seem like a simple feature, it is an essential part of the game. This is because residents will not be able to visit or leave your city without the necessary roads. It is thus advised that you invest time and energy into creating a suitable highway exit.

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