Hero Wars: Actual Gameplay

Hero Wars’ advertisements are very misleading as they do not advertise the actual gameplay, which requires that gamers fight enemies to collect heroes.

Several gamers have noticed that the advertisements of the popular mobile game, Hero Wars, are nothing like the actual gameplay.

In the advertisements, players have to solve a puzzle in order to save the hero’s life or to discover a treasure, however, the ads are very misleading as the game has more to it than solving puzzles.

When you first start playing Hero Wars, you will have to complete the tutorial in order to understand how the game functions. To complete the first tutorial, you have to solve a very simple puzzle, however, the rest of the tutorial does not feature any puzzles.

The actual gameplay of Hero Wars invites players to acquire different types of heroes, each with unique abilities. Once you have a few heroes, you can create a squad of heroes and complete story missions to earn rich rewards.

These chapters require that you defeat waves of enemies which increases with difficulty. As the fight progresses, your heroes’ hero skill will become available.

When a hero skill is available, you are able to select the hero’s icon and they will perform the skill to either deal damage to your opponents or heal the rest of your squad.

As you complete the campaign chapters you will receive various rewards, which you can use to upgrade your heroes. You will also receive gear for your heroes which can be equipped to increase their survivability.

Hero Wars: Actual Gameplay
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How to acquire Heroes

There are more than 20 Heroes that you can procure in Hero Wars, and each hero can be obtained in a different way. The table below lists some of the heroes you can collect:

Hero name How to acquire
Aurora Players have to complete chapters 2, 5 and 9 to collect her Soul Stones.
Satori You can purchase her fragments at the Highwayman Shop.
Martha Players can only procure her fragments during a special in-game event.
Jhu This hero’s fragments can be purchased at the Guild War Shop.
Rufus You can purchase Rufus’s fragments at the Grand Arena Shop.
Maya Maya’s fragments can be purchased from the Tower Shop.


In addition to following the main campaign in Hero Wars, there are numerous quests that you can complete to earn rewards.

The daily quests require that you complete a specific, small task to earn rewards, though these quests are only active for 1 day and will reset the following day.

The general quests, on the other hand, will remain active until you complete them. So you can take your time completing these quests, but the daily quests have to be completed the same day.

Some of the quests that you can complete in Hero Wars are:

Quest type Description Rewards
Daily quest Use EXP Potion
  • 3900 Gold
  • 50 Experience Points
General quest Complete the ‘2-1 Willheim’ mission
  • 20 Thea Soul Stones
  • 35000 Gold
Daily quest Complete 10 missions
  • 7500 Gold
  • 120 Experience Points
General quest Get 10 team level
  • 1 Artemis Soul Stone
  • 25 Energy

Are there puzzles in Hero Wars?

Even though the Hero Wars advertisements do not reveal what the game is actually like, you may come across a puzzle or 2 while completing the campaign missions.

In order to solve these puzzles, you may have to vanquish enemies, save another hero or discover a chest.

To solve a puzzle, you have to click on the different pins on the screen. After clicking on a pin, it will move and open the closed section of the puzzle. You should be careful that you do not open the lava or the monster as it will kill your hero.

Another puzzle you may encounter has several enemies with numbers above their heads. Your character will also have a number above his head, and you have to place your character next to the enemies to destroy them.

However if your character’s number is lower than the enemy’s number, your character will be destroyed. You should therefore place your character next to a weaker enemy, defeat them and collect their power.

The vanquished enemy’s number will then be combined with your character’s number and you can then defeat the stronger enemies.

Upgrading your Heroes

The monsters in the campaign will increase in difficulty, which means that you should regularly upgrade your character to increase their strength.

If you click the “Hero” tab on the main screen you will be taken to a list of all heroes in the game. You can select one of your collected heroes and equip them with gear.

Once they have gear equipped, you can promote them to increase their levels. Hero Wars players should also upgrade their heroes’ skills to increase their effects.

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