Hearthstone: The Countess

One of the cards you can acquire in Hearthstone is The Countess, which has a very unique ability that you can use during battle.

Hearthstone is a free-to-play online digital collectible card game that is based on the existing lore of the World of Warcraft (WoW) game. This means that you can expect to encounter similar relics, characters, and elements in Hearthstone as in WoW.

This turn-based game puts 2 opponents in a match and they have to use a constructed deck of 30 cards  with a selected hero to defeat the other. Bear in mind that you can only use cards that you have in your collection.

There are more than 4000 cards to collect in Hearthstone, each of which has a unique effect in battle. One of the cards is The Countess.

Cards in Hearthstone

Cards are essentially the pieces that make up Hearthstone. Each card represents an action that you can perform by playing that card. There are currently 5 main types of cards, namely, minion cards, hero cards, location cards, weapon cards, and spell cards.

These 5 main card types are further divided into 2 categories: collectible and uncollectible cards. Collectible cards can be collected from a variety of card sets, such as expansions, mini-sets, special sets, adventures, and the Core Set.

Even though uncollectible cards can also come from card sets, most can be acquired from game modes like battlegrounds, Tavern Brawls, Duels, and solo adventures.

Keep in mind that you can only use collectible cards to create decks to play in the Casual and Ranked regular play modes.

Hearthstone: The Countess

One of the cards that you can acquire while you are advancing in Hearthstone is The Countess. This legendary Paladin minion card is from the Murder at Castle Nathria set.

Hearthstone: The Countess
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Similarly to other cards, The Countess features different statistics, which are as follows:

Statistic Quantity
Cost 7
Attack 7
Health 7

There are numerous card packs from which you can get The Countess, including the Standard Pack, The Murder at Castle Nathria pack, the Paladin Pack, the Golden Standard Pack, and the Golden Murder at Castle Nathria Pack.

In order to craft the regular card, you need 1600 Dust, and to craft the Golden version, you need 3200 Dust.

However, when you complete an Arena or Heroic Duels run, premium players receive the regular version of The Countess. You can also acquire the card when you complete the Climbing the Ranks achievement.

In order to complete the achievement, you have to reach the Legend rank in any Ranked match.

Once you have The Countess, you can use the card during a match if she is in your deck. This means that you can also use her battlecry. If your deck has no Neutral cards, using her battlecry will add 3 Legendary Invitations to your hand.

The Countess’ battlecry has an achievement linked to it. If you invite 16 Legendaries with Legendary Invitations, you will complete the Quests of Honor achievement.

The Countess’ deck

Since there are more than 4000 cards that you can collect in Hearthstone, it can be quite complicated to create a deck that works together. If you are interested in playing with The Countess, you should use the following deck:

  • Knight of Anointment
  • Righteous Protector
  • Sinful Sous Chef
  • Battle Vicar
  • Great Hall
  • Seafloor Savior
  • Alliance Bannerman
  • Muckborn Servant
  • Shimmering Sunfish
  • Stewart the Steward
  • Cariel Roame
  • Elitist Snob
  • Divine Toll
  • The Countess
  • The Leviathan
  • Lightforged Cariel
  • Lightray
  • The Garden’s Grace

If you do not have the recommended cards in your collection, you can use another card in its place until you have collected the specific card for the deck.

Can The Countess be disenchanted?

Similarly to other cards in Hearthstone, The Countess can be disenchanted, but it is recommended that you do not disenchant the card. This is because The Countess is a very powerful card that can influence your gameplay significantly.

The Countess’ Lore

The Countess, otherwise known as the Mistress of the court, is a venthyr who is the Harvester of Desire and the bearer of the Medallion of Desire. She thus has the authority of the Castle Ward, and she is in charge of the court, which features all the noble houses of the venthyr.

She lives in Redelav Tower, which can only be accessed by the adventurer through a mirror from Thornhill Manor.

Allegedly, The Countess is quite a charismatic and cunning venthyr who is capable of both brutal betrayal and fair diplomacy. It is assumed that she gets bored easily and likes playing games.

The Countess makes wagers with other nobles to see how long it would take the Maw Walker to die, claiming that it was the most exciting thing to happen since Renathal’s rebellion.

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