Hearthstone: Jerma reference

Hearthstone does not only reference Warcraft’s lore, but it also references Jerma, who is a very successful Twitch streamer.

In this free-to-play online game, Hearthstone, players can enjoy turn-based card battles, where 2 opponents can use a constructed deck of 30 cards to defeat one another. Each player also has a selected hero which has a unique power.

The game is built upon the existing lore of the Warcraft series. You can therefore expect to encounter similar relics, characters, and elements in all of the games.

Hearthstone players have noticed some interesting references in the game. However, the references do not only refer to Warcraft lore. Players have revealed that the game’s developer, Blizzard, has made Jerma references in the game as well.

Who is Jerma?

Jeremy A. Harrington, more popularly known as Jerma985 or Jerma, is an American YouTuber, live streamer, and voice actor. He is best known for his amusing and engagement-based livestreams on the platform of Twitch.

He created his YouTube channel on 11 June 2011, with the channel name Jerma985. His content revolved around the Team Fortress 2 the video game, which he used to help raise money for Camp One Step the non-profit organization.

Although Jerma had a YouTube Channel, he transitioned to Twitch in 2016, where he currently primarily streams video games while interacting with viewers in the chat.

After when he transitioned to Twitch as his main platform, Jerma became well known for his unconventional streams and his green screen performances.

Hearthstone: Jerma reference

Hearthstone players have noticed that Blizzard has been making references not only to the Warcraft lore, but to Jerma as well.

For instance, on the Blightfang card, players can see the description that reads, “The Giant Enemy Spider!” and it is alleged that this was something that Jerma said in one of his videos.

Hearthstone: Jerma reference
© Blizzard Entertainment

You can find the same thing happening with The Rat King Card, which states, “I’m the giant rat that makes all of da rules!” This statement allegedly comes from Jerma’s rat movie.

Not only do some of the cards in Hearthstone feature statements that Jerma made, but some players have claimed that the entire design of the card appears as a Jerma reference.

Additionally, you may find that there is a Jerma reference in the “I’ll be Taking that One!’ achievement, where you have to destroy your opponent with a card that was copied by Vanessa VanCleef. Similarly, the name of the achievement apparently comes from the Greedy Grinner.

The reason for the Jerma references is unknown, so many Hearthstone players believe that one of the developers of the game is a huge fan of Jerma, and therefore, has decided to incorporate his phrases into the video game.

Jerma’s YouTube statistics

Although Twitch is Jerma’s primary platform, his YouTube channel was a great success. His main account, Jerma985, was active from 2011 until 2017, and his second account, 2ndJerma, remains active since 2016.

Although the Jerma985 channel is inactive, it still has 870 000 subscribers with over 220 million total views. His second channel, on the other hand, is less successful, with 656 000 subscribers, however, it has 232 million total views.

This account is still active, but it takes a different approach than that of Jerma985.

Jerma’s Twitch statistics

Although Jerma only transitioned to Twitch in 2016, he gained a lot of followers within a short period of time. He currently has over 1 million followers on the platform with an astounding 21.7 million total views.

According to his official Twitch page, his streams usually start at Pacific Time in the afternoon or evening, but he does not specify what his streaming days are. However, players can expect 3 streams in a week.

If you are interested in watching Jerma’s streams, it is advisable that you follow him on Twitch. By doing this, you will get notifications every time that he starts a new stream.

Will players see additional Jerma references in Hearthstone?

There is a possibility that you will discover other Jerma references in Hearthstone in the future, as Blizzard may introduce new cards into Hearthstone. However, there is also the chance that you will not see another Jerma reference at all.

It is therefore recommended that you keep an eye on all upcoming cards, and their descriptions, as a Jerma reference might appear hidden in them.

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