Harry Potter: Magic Awakened opens pre-registration ahead of 2022 release

Even though Warner Bros. has yet to announce when Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is set to launch, you can pre-register to receive special rewards and the latest news.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is an up-and-coming massively multiplayer (MMO) and collectible card game (CCG) that features a combination of strategy role-playing elements.

You can assume the role of a first-year student at Hogwarts, joining thousands of other wizards and witches in a quest to master their magic. The game is set to launch on iOS and Android sometime in 2022.

Even though the game is yet to be released, the developers, Warner Bros. Games and NetEase Games, announced in February 2022 that the game is available for pre-registration. With this, the developers are building excitement and creating awareness for the game in various countries.

In order to motivate players to pre-register for the game, the developers announced some pre-registration goals. This means that a specific number of people need to pre-register to achieve these goals. When a goal has been reached, all players who have pre-registered will receive a gift upon the game’s official release.

There are 5 different goals, each with a specific number of pre-registered players. It is important to note that the gifts you can obtain when each goal has been met are a mystery. This can also be seen as a way to motivate people to pre-register for the game.

That being said, the first gift has been identified. All pre-registered players will receive a Nimbus 2000 once 500 000 people have completed the pre-registration process. It is alleged that the other gifts will be announced once more people pre-register.

To pre-register for this game, you can visit the official website, where you will find the pre-register section. You can either click on the Google Play tab, or enter your email address to complete the pre-registration process. You will then have the opportunity to enter 5 friends’ email addresses to refer them to the game.

Please note that this step is entirely optional, and you can click on the “X” if you do not want to participate.

Reportedly, once the game officially launches, you will be able to create and customise your wizard or witch. Moreover, you can meet various other students and professors as you progress in the story.

The game will feature multiple activities for you to participate in, such as exploring, brewing potions and participating in quidditch among others. For more information, you can watch the game trailer here.

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