Grand Summoners’ Vox

Vox is one of the most powerful units in Grand Summoners, due to his powerful skills and abilities, however, players may have a hard time obtaining him.

Grand Summoners is a popular role-playing game (RPG) with intuitive and exciting battles. The game launched worldwide in 2018 and it continues to attract RPG enthusiasts and beginners alike. Grand Summoners pairs smooth two-dimensional (2D) anime-style graphics with hosts of colourful characters to collect.

Even though the genre is oversaturated, the game provides the most, if not all the features and content that players love to do. Grand Summoners allows players to participate in various activities and complete multiple quests.

When players first start playing the game, they will be able to roll to obtain characters. Since Grand Summoners is based on a gacha system, players cannot choose their characters. However, if players are unhappy with the characters they obtained, they can re-roll. It is important to note that rerolling requires players to reset their game data.

After obtaining a character, players will be able to progress through the main story. While completing the main quests, players can collect various resources and earn a lot of experience points (XP). If players obtain enough XP, they will be able to move onto the next rank.

It is important to note that each rank replenishes the characters energy. Players need the energy resources to participate in in-game activities. However, this does not apply to new players. Grand Summoners reduces the energy cost of the main story battles for the first few days. Players will thus be able to save their energy for later in the game.

While progressing through the main storyline, players will come across various side quests. Even though the side quests are not mandatory, players can receive a variety of rewards such as additional units. It is recommended that players maintain a balanced team of characters to complete the main storyline and the side quest.

Grand Summoners features over 100 characters, also known as units, that players can collect. The units are divided into five distinct categories based on their roles in combat. These are Healers, Breakers, Supporters, Attackers and Defenders.

The following table indicates the unit categories as well as a description of each category:

Category name Description
Healers Healers are vital units as they keep the team alive. Even though they are not crucial early in the game, they will be needed for higher level fights.
Breakers Breakers are very similar to Attackers. They are also able to deal a decent amount of damage to enemies.
Support Support units boost the team’s offense and defence with buffs. They are also able to weaken and inflict effects on the enemies.
Attackers Attackers are expected to deal the most damage to the boss and enemy mobs. It is important to note that they do not have defensive skills and require protection from support allies.
Defenders Defenders have amazing defensive abilities, not only for themselves but for the entire party. They are crucial in the battles where the need for survival exceeds the desire for a rapid victory.


Vox is the leader of the Juno Templars of Granadia. He is one of the five-star units that players can obtain in Grand Summoners. It is important to note that all five-star units are extremely rare, it can thus take time to obtain Vox. He forms part of the water element and takes on the role of an Attacker.

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His maximum level is 70 and can be upgraded to Awoken Vox. After his life was saved on the battlefield, he dedicated himself to the cause of justice. Vox is usually calm and collect, however, his heart blazes with loyalty. This drives him to unequalled ferocity on the battlefield.

Vox’s statistics

The following table indicates Vox’s statistics for level one and level 70:

Vox Level Defence (DEF) Attack (ATK) Health (HP)
Level one 786 1065 2535
Level 70 1709 2316 5512

Vox’s skills and abilities

Since Vox takes on the role of an Attacker, he features powerful skills and abilities to defeat enemies. The following table indicates the name of the arts, skills, and abilities, as well as a short description:

Name Description
Arts: Quick Draw Arts deals 150 00 percent water damage. It also increases all allies’ statistics with 30 percent for 12 seconds.
 Skill: Freeze Wave This skill deals 200 percent physical water damage. Additionally, it increases the character’s Arts gauge by 20 points.
Ability: Sonic Lighting When equipped by Vox, his statistics and CRI rate increases by 20 percent, while evasion is increased by 10 percent. This ability requires true Zanketsu.
Ability: Accuracy Master All allies’ Accuracy rate is increased by 20 percent. This ability is unlocked at level 60.
Ability: Azure Judgement While in Magic Drive, the skill will increase Vox’s skill critical recovery speed, attack, paralysis resist and freeze resist with 100 percent. This skill is unlocked when players reach level 70.
Ability: Fatal Blow This ability will increase Vox’s critical damage dealt by 70 percent. Players will be able to unlock this skill at level one.

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