Grand Summoners: How to get Pure Quartz

Players can obtain Pure Quartz in the Mines of Grand Summoners, however, the drop rate for this resource is extremely low.


Grand Summoners is a popular role-playing game (RPG) that invites players to enter exciting and intuitive battles. The game launched worldwide in 2018, and it continues to attract RPG enthusiasts and beginners alike. It pairs smooth two-dimensional (2D) anime-style graphics with hosts of colourful characters for players to collect.


It is important to note that the characters in Grand Summoners are ranked by stars. One-star units are quite common and very easy to collect, while five-star characters are the most powerful and usually the most sought-after.

After obtaining a character, players will be able to progress through the main story and participate in battles. While completing the main quests, they can collect various resources and earn a lot of Experience Points (XP). If players receive enough XPs, they will be able to move on to the next rank.

In addition to the quests, the game features various locations for players to explore. They can discover the Diner, Mines, Smith, Adventure guilds and Alchemist among others.


In the mines, players can defeat multiple enemies and collect various resources. Generally, they can obtain ores, spirit stones and crystals, which can be used to enhance equipment. However, players can also collect extremely rare equipment and resources related to the bosses they will encounter.


Pure Quartz

One of the extremely rare resources players can obtain in the mines is Pure Quartz. It can be exchanged for some very valuable items in the exchange shop. Players should remember that the drop rate is unusually low. However, they are guaranteed a few Pure Quartz when they clear certain stages for the first time.


Exchange shop

Even though players can use the Pure Quartz to obtain any items, it is recommended that they redeem items in the following order: Five-star tickets, Rainbow Gems, Flux Drops and Paradisos.

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