GPO: Fruit dealer

It is alleged that players can purchase Devil Fruits from the Fruit dealer in Grand Piece Online (GPO), but some players believe that the merchant does not exist.

Grand Piece Online (GPO) is an adventurous game in which players can discover hidden islands across a vast ocean. You can also complete your ideal build, scavenge the land for treasure, and challenge powerful bosses to get various items.

Since the game is a Roblox exclusive game, it can only be played on the Roblox platform. When you start playing the game, you will only be able to access a few gear pieces, weapons, and consumables. However, by defeating monsters and completing missions you can earn a variety of items.

That being said, you can gather some items while exploring the open world. One of these items is Devil Fruits, which can allegedly also be purchased from the fruit dealer.

What are Devil Fruits?

Devil Fruits are mysterious fruits that give players unique abilities when consumed. That being said, when you consume fruit, your character will not be able to swim until the effect has worn off.

You can find Devil Fruits under trees randomly across the map and they are separated into 3 categories, namely, Zoan, Logia, and Paramecia.

It is worth noting that Devil Fruits have a chance to spawn once every 1 to 4 hours after the server is activated. The fruits despawn after approximately 1 hour, but the timer for the next fruit will start once the Devil Fruit has been picked up, or despawned.

GPO: Fruit dealer

Although you can gather Devil Fruits while exploring the vast open world, it is alleged that GPO introduced a Fruit dealer. Players can go to the merchant to buy Devil Fruits. To visit the vendor, players can go to Shell’s Town.

GPO: All Seeing Eye
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Before you travel, it is advisable that you check if you have a Devil Fruit active, as your character could drown when you reach the town. If you do have a fruit active, you should wait until it deactivates.

Once you have reached the harbour, you can speak to Helen, who allegedly offers players fruit if they give her some in-game currencies.

There are several controversies regarding the fruit dealer, as some players reveal that such a merchant does not exist in Grand Piece Online. Other players claim they have received rare and valuable fruit from the merchant.

The game’s developer, Grand Quest Games, has yet to announce whether the fruit dealer can be found in the game or not. That being said, players can test the theory by following the mentioned method.

If you interact with Helen and get fruit, the fruit dealer may be a real aspect of the game. However, there is a big possibility that you will not receive anything after speaking to her.

What are the chances of Devil Fruits spawning?

All Devil Fruits in the game are divided into categories, based on their rarity. A fruit’s rarity determines its drop rates, as shown below:

Rarity Drop rate
Common 59.5 percent
Rare 26 percent
Epic 10 percent
Legendary 4 percent
Mythical 1 percent

It is noteworthy that these drop rates increase on 2x Logia Weekends, as it has double drop and spawn rates. However, if you use the All Seeing Eye during a Logia Weekend, some of the fruit may quadruple the drop rates.

GPO: Fruit dealer
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Keep in mind that the increased drop rates only apply to methods that add a Devil Fruit directly to your inventory, such a Ship Farming or Dungeons.

Types of Devil Fruits

There are various types of Devil Fruits in the game, each of which has a unique effect on your character. These are:

Devil Fruit name Passive
Bomu Bomu Mi It gives your character a dash boost
Yomi no MI Your character revives with 33 percent health points and 100 percent stamina after being defeated
Gura Gura no Mi This fruit boosts the range of Bisento’s heavy sweep skill. It also does 3 slashes instead of 1 for Bisento’s shockwave slash ability
Ito Ito no Mi It does not have any passive
Magu Magu no Mi It gives your character physical intangibility and water walking skills

What is the best Devil Fruit?

Since there are more than 10 fruits in the game, it can be difficult to know which one to use. The table below lists the best Devil Fruits to use:

Devil Fruit name Buff
Pika Pika no Mi It applies immunity while giving your character a boost in dash
Magu Magu no Mi When consumed, you benefit from immunity and have the ability to walk on water
Tori Tori no Mi Your character is healed while dealing burn damage to others

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