GPO: Brook drops

Players can discover different bosses in Grand Piece Online (GPO), one of which is Brook; by defeating him, you will earn exclusive drops.

Grand Piece Online (GPO) is a thrilling video game that invites gamers to explore a vast open world. You can discover hidden locations, complete your ideal build, and fight powerful bosses while competing with other players in the game.

Furthermore, players can scavenge the lands for treasures and exotic fruits, which are known to buff their eaters. When you start playing the game, your character will be at a low level with limited gear and weapons.

However, as you progress and defeat monsters, you will collect experience points and new gear. One of the bosses you can find in GPO is Brook, also known as the Soul King, and defeating him drops exclusive rewards.

What are drops?

Drops, popularly known as loot, refer to the items picked up by a player’s character that increases their power or abilities. General loot includes currency, consumables, equipment, resources, and weapons.

Drops reward players for progressing in the game, and it can be of superior quality to items that can be purchased.

In role-playing titles, loot often forms the core currency of the game, in that players defeat enemies to get loot and then use it to purchase other items. Drops are generally assigned to tiers of rarity, with the rarer items being more difficult to obtain and more powerful.

GPO: Brook drops

One of the enemies you can defeat in GPO is Brook, otherwise known as the Soul King, who is a Second Sea Boss that spawns every weekend. The boss is equipped with a personal cane-sword, and he uses a Yomi-Yomi no Mi in the battle.

GPO: Brook
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Brook can spawn in 2 forms – the Soul King normal version and the Soul King Rockstar. The latter has a 10 percent chance to spawn. The only differences between the versions are their appearance and drops:

Name Description Effect
Soul King’s Scarf It is a collectable fur scarf that the Soul King Rockstar version wears, hence, it can only be obtained after defeating the Rockstar. It does not take up an accessory slot None
Soul King’s Rockstar Outfit A legendary outfit worn by the Rockstar Soul King. It can be equipped with other armour. The item can only be procured after defeating the Rockstar None
Soul King’s Top Hat The Epic Crown of a rising Rockstar, which can only be obtained after defeating the Soul King Rockstar None
Soul King’s Shades Epic sunglasses worn by the Rockstar Soul King None
Soul King’s Guitar A Legendary Rockstar-exclusive item None
Soul Cane The Soul Kings Legendary cane-sword. Players can get this item after defeating the Soul King base version Base M1 Damage
Soul King’s Violin An Epic violin that can be used as a weapon in conjunction with other swords It can stun enemies while dealing 25 damage
Soul King’s Tophat This Epic Top Hat is worn by the Soul King. Players have a chance of looting if they defeat the Soul King. The top hat adds 90 health points and 2 stamina regeneration when worn
Soul King’s Outfit This Legendary outfit can be used along with other armour. It drops from the normal version of the Soul King None

Tips for defeating the Soul King

Although the drops differ for each version of the boss, the battle mechanics do not. The fight against the boss is allegedly not extremely difficult.

However, it is advisable that players have a large group of people with Sea Best cores and Kraken, as this will help you to defeat the boss quite easily.

What are the Soul King’s skills?

Similarly to other bosses in GPO, the Soul King has several skills, namely:

Skill name Description
Soul Parade The Soul King raises his sword in a defensive position to freeze opponents in a block of ice
Drawing Song He holds his cane to his face to teleport to his enemies before attacking them
Soul Assault The Soul King temporarily ejects his soul from his body and sends out blockable kicks
Soul King’s Roar The boss summons a green skull and places it on the ground. The head rises and screams to deal area-of-effect damage
Freezing Tune The Soul King performs an AOE attack that guard breaks and freezes the opponent
Chilling Soul He stomps on the ground to create an AOE shockwave that freezes his enemies’ legs for 3 seconds

Where to find the Soul King

As previously stated, Brook is one of the bosses in the Second Sea, which exists in a different server than the First Sea.

GPO players can access the Second Sea by opening the gates at the Reverse Mountain, which is southwest of Marine Base G-1. In the Second Sea, you will find Brook on Soul King’s Ship.

GPO: Brook
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