Gotham Knights: How to unlock transmogs

Players can use transmogs to change the appearance of their character in Gotham Knights, but they first have to unlock the transmog of the specific character.

Gotham Knights is an exhilarating video game that is set in an open world called Gotham City. It currently features 4 playable characters, namely Robin, Red Hood, Bat Girl, and Nightwing. Each of these characters have unique abilities and play styles.

You can level up your characters as you progress in the game, but keep in mind that the enemies will also level up theirs, which means that it will be more difficult to kill them.

When you start playing Gotham Knights, you will notice that the characters have a set type of skin. However, you can change it by unlocking skins and transmogs. Since the game’s release, many players have wondered how they can unlock transmogs.

Suits in Gotham Knights

As you level up in Gotham Knights, you will change your characters’ suits quite often. It is vital that you equip new gear that corresponds with your character’s level, otherwise, you may not be able to defeat enemies.

Moreover, you have to upgrade your weapons to do damage, and your suits to increase your defence and because of this, you will be hopping from one suit to the next.

Every suit in the game has a unique appearance. There are more than 10 suit styles, each of which has customisable cowls, boots, gloves, and logos. You can apply any of your unlocked colour schemes to your suits.

Gotham Knights: How to unlock transmogs

Although you will be changing suits regularly, you may not like the style of a specific suit. If you would prefer that the suit looks like a different suit, you can use a transmog of any other suit that you have unlocked.

You should note that transmogs cannot be customised, however, the base suit can be customised according to your preference.

Gotham Knights: How to unlock transmogs
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Transmogs give players the ability to apply any suit style to the one that they are wearing. Even if you are stuck with the basic version of your current suit, you can change the appearance of the suit completely if you are not happy with its design.

Most transmogs are quite easy to unlock, and players can allegedly acquire a few transmogs by advancing in the game.

In order to find out how to unlock a specific transmog, you can open the crafting section, which is located in the “Challenges” menu. You have to complete a specific activity or task before you can unlock the transmog.

The challenges are generally quite straightforward. For instance, if you want to unlock the Shinobi suit style, you have to craft the Shinobi suit.

That being said, you can only craft the suits for which you have a blueprint. This means that you first have to procure the blueprint and then craft the suit to unlock the transmog.

It is recommended that you keep an eye on your crafting menu, so that when you see a suit with a style that you do not have the transmog for, crafting it will generally unlock the transmog.

How to unlock a new suit

There are only 2 ways to unlock a new suit in Gotham Knights: by crafting it, or by earning the suit.

As you advance in the game, complete objectives, and complete quests, you will naturally accumulate suits. Particularly as you complete the main story quests, as those missions will reward you with new sets that are appropriate to your level.

In order to craft a suit, you have to head to Belfry and check your crafting menu. Players will be able to see if they have any craftable gear that is better than the gear that they have equipped.

How to use transmogs in Gotham Knights

Using transmogs in Gotham Knights is a relatively easy process. Firstly, players have to select the piece of gear from which they would like to retain the statistics in the menu. Generally, this piece will have the highest number among all your gear.

After selecting your gear piece, click the right trigger to head into the styles menu. In the menu, you can customise your hero’s appearance.

By scrolling to the left and right of the first menu option, you can discover the other suit styles that you have unlocked for that character.

Once you have found a suit that you like, you can click the selection button to apply the transmog.

Does transmog affect the character’s skills and abilities?

It is worth noting that when you apply a transmog to a character in Gotham Knights, his or her skills and statistics are not affected.

The transmog system merely changes the character’s appearance and does not improve or decrease the value of his or her skills.

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