Gotham Knights: Align the Frequencies

Align the Frequencies in Gotham Knights is one of the various puzzles you have to solve, and although it looks difficult, it can be solved very easily.

In this exciting video game, Gotham Knights, gamers can explore Gotham City, which is an open world based on the famous DC Comics character, Batman, and his supporting cast, which comprises 4 playable characters in the game, namely Red Hood, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Robin.

Every character has a unique set of talents and skills that can be used in combat.

When you first start playing the game, your primary focus should be gaining experience points by completing quests. Although you should follow the main quest, you can also complete side quests to earn additional rewards.

Many of the quests feature a puzzle that you should solve, such as Aligning the Frequencies.

Why are quests important?

A quest is a task in video games that a player-controlled character can complete in order to earn rewards. Rewards generally include loot, which can contain numerous items, in-game currencies, and materials for access to new level locations and areas.

The quests in a video game function as a guide to the game, and hence, it is important that you do not skip the main story quest line.

However, side quests are completely optional, and they can be skipped, but if you are trying to accumulate experience points, it is advisable that you complete the side quests.

Gotham Knights: Align the Frequencies

There are several puzzles that you have to solve as part of the main story quest in Gotham City. One of the most difficult puzzles simply instructs players to Align the Frequencies.

You can find this puzzle in the abandoned Arkham Asylum tower. After making your way inside the tower, you need to change the frequencies, however, this has to be done in a specific order.

Firstly, players have to interact with the console in the middle to reset it. Then you have to activate the 4 frequencies in the order that is displayed on the middle screen. The first transmitter that you need to interact with is the first to the right of the center machine.

Gotham Knights: Align the Frequencies
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Once it turns green, you have to interact with the transmitter that is on the far right of the center machine. The third transmitter that you have to turn green is the first one to the left of the center machine.

The final transmitter that you have to activate is on the far left of the center machine. Once all 4 transmitter machines are green, the puzzle is complete, and players can head back to Arkham Asylum and continue the story.

Do you have to Align the Frequencies?

Since the Align the Frequencies puzzle is part of the main storyline of Gotham Knights, you cannot skip it. Players have to complete the puzzle in order to advance in the game.

Fortunately, the puzzle is not too difficult to complete, however, you do have to ensure that you first interact with the machine in the middle. If you do not interact with it, the puzzle will not be solved, even if the lights on the transmitter machines turn green.

Are there more puzzles in Gotham Knights?

Gotham Knights currently has 16 unique puzzles that players have to complete. Since Align the Frequencies is puzzle number 15, you only have 1 more puzzle to complete after you have solved it.

For the final puzzle, you have to find a way to open a vault door. Keep in mind that you first have to defeat the enemies in the room, and then you have to search for a console switch upstairs, which can allegedly be found directly in front of the vault door.

You can search for it with D-Pad Down and it will be highlighted in orange. Once you find the switch, you can interact with the switch to open the vault.

Players have to defeat the enemies after opening the door. Once you have defeated them, you can find the frozen scientist and search for clues.

Why does Gotham Knights feature puzzles?

Gotham Knights features several puzzles for players to solve, which makes it quite unique compared to other role-playing titles. Once you get to know the tricks behind the puzzles, they are not too difficult to solve.

These puzzles bring a new fresh element to the gameplay, and they motivate players to use their puzzle solving skills to progress in the game. This makes Gotham Knights more than just an AAA action-brawler game.

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