How to unlock characters in Genshin Impact

Players can unlock characters in Genshin Impact by either progressing though the game’s main story or by using the gacha system, however, it won’t always unlock the desired character.

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game based on a gacha system. When starting the game, players will only have one playable character. However, there are currently two different ways to unlock additionally characters, which is naturally or through the gacha system.

The first method is to simply play the game. Players will unlock multiple characters as they progress in the game. New players will unlock enough characters to fill their party if they just follow the main storyline.

Even though it can seem boring, it is recommended that players follow the introductory Archon quest to unlock even more characters.

Once the main story quest is completed and players did not manage to unlock the desired characters, they can use the gacha system for a chance to unlock new characters. The gacha system involves exchanging Wishes for rewards.

Genshin Impact players can either buy one Wish or choose to buy 10 Wishes. The Wishes can grant multiple rewards, such as new playable characters, weapons and even very rare items. It is important to note that the 10 Wishes option guarantees the player a playable four-star character or weapon.

Players can buy Wishes with the in-game currency, Primogems. One Wish costs approximately 160 Primogems. However, one Wish can also be purchased for 75 Stardust or 5 Starglitter.

Unlocking characters through the gacha system can take a very long time, as players need to collect Primogems. However, players are able to pay to accelerate the process. Primogems can be bought using real-life money.

For example, for $4.99 players can purchase a ‘blessing of the welkin mood card’, which will grant the player 90 Primogems and 300 Genesis Crystals. It is important to note that the genesis crystals can be converted into Primogems.

Additionally, players will receive 90 Primogems every day over the course of the following month. Since a Wish costs 160 Primogems, players can look forward to multiple Wishes for less than $5.

Even though it is a tempting offer, spending real-life money is not mandatory. However, it may take more time to unlock the desired character.

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