Genshin Impact: Baal weapon tiers

Genshin Impact players can equip Baal with a D-tier weapon, however, it is recommended that they obtain The Catch or Engulfing Lighting, as they are the optimal weapons for Baal.

The recent Genshin Impact update introduced various new characters, including Baal, also known as Raiden Shogun. Baal is currently the main villain in Inazuma, however, she has blitzed her way to the top rankings of the tier lists.

In some of the game’s cutscenes, she is seen wielding a sword. It thus comes as a shock to know that Baal is actually an Electro Polearm user. However, she sometimes uses her sword, as it becomes active during her elemental burst.

Baal takes on the role of a support character, as she provides tons of energy to everyone in the team. Even though she is a support, she can take on a damage-dealing role.

Baal is very versatile, so it can be very confusing for players to build her up. It is important that players equip her with the most effective weapons to ensure that she is the best support or damage dealer for her team.

Genshin Impact: Baal weapon tiers

The following weapons in Genshin Impact will be ranked on how they are going to perform in battle, and how accessible they are for characters. The weapons will be ranked from the worst in the ‘Do not use tier’ to the best in the SS-tier.

Do-not-use-tier D-tier weapons C-tier weapons B-tier weapons A-tier weapons S-tier weapons SS-tier weapons
The Black Tassel Dragon’s Spine Spear The Blackcliff Pole The Lithic Spear The Favonius Lance The staff of Homa Engulfing Lightning
The Halberd Crescent Pike The Dragon’s Bane The Deathmatch The Prototype Starglitter The Skyward Spine The Catch
  The White Tassel Kitain Cross Spear     Primordial Jade Winged Spear  


It is recommended that players do not use or equip any of the weapons in this tier, as they provide no benefits to Baal. This tier consists of the Black Tassel and the Halberd, as the vitality statistic is useful to Baal.

D-tier weapons

The D-tier consists out of the Dragon Spine Spear, Crescent Pike and the White Tassel. These weapons fall into the D-tier because their physical damage is not ideal for Baal. However, they can still be used. As Baal’s damage comes from her Elemental Burst, her attacks will be fused with Electro.

The White Tassel will increase the character’s normal attack damage by 30 percent. However, the increased normal attack does not really apply to Baal.

C-tier weapons

The Blackcliff Pole is a mid-tier weapon that provides quick damage, and it features a below average passive skill. It is important to know that when a player is solo fighting a world boss, the weapon’s passive ability will not be activated.

The Dragon’s Bane and Kitain Cross Spear provides elemental mastery statistics, which are not very practical for Baal. The Royal Spear is another mid-tier weapon that falls into this tier. Unfortunately, this weapon’s statistics is not applicable to Baal.

B-tier weapons

The Lithic Spear increases the character’s attack by seven percent and the critical rate by three percent. The weapon falls into the B-tier as it is very team oriented and lacks versatility.

The Deathmatch Polearm is also a very strong weapon, as it increases the character’s attack and defences by 16 percent. However, to obtain this weapon, players need to purchase the battle pass.

A-tier weapons

The Favonius Lance has various abilities. The critical hits have a 60 percent chance to generate a small number of Elemental Particles, which will regenerate six Energy for the character.

However, this can only occur every 12 seconds. This is a very strong and versatile support weapon, which is a good fit for Baal.

The Prototype Starglitter will increase normal and charged attack’s damage by 12 percent after a character uses an Elemental Skill. This weapon falls into the A-tier because players are able to craft it in-game.

S-tier weapons

The Staff of Homa increases the character’s vitality by 20 percent. Additionally, it provides an attack bonus based on 0.8 percent of the wielder’s maximum vitality.

When the wielder’s vitality is less than 50 percent, the attack bonus is increased by an additional one percent of the maximum vitality.

The Skyward Spine provides critical rate and it increases the character’s normal attack speed. In addition, the normal and charged attacks hits on opponents that have a 50 percent chance to trigger a Vacuum Blade.

While the Primordial Jade Winged Spear increases the character’s attack by three percent for six seconds, it also provides critical rate statistics, which are very important for Baal.

SS-tier weapons

The number one weapon for Baal is the Engulfing Lightning Polearm. This weapon boosts a high base attack and it provides energy recharge, which is perfect for Baal. Additionally, the character can gain a maximum attack bonus of 120 percent.

Another optimal weapon for Baal is The Catch. It also provides energy recharge as a substitute statistic, and at refinement five, the weapon passive increases Elemental Burst by 32 percent.

This weapon is free-to-play and players can improve it to R5 for free. The Catch is also a very good weapon for Baal.


Even if a player manages to obtain a D-tier weapon in Genshin Impact, they will be able to use it for Baal. However, it is not the ideal weapon choice.

It is recommended that players obtain either the Engulfing Lightning Polearm or The Catch, as Baal will perform the best if she is equipped with one of these weapons.

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