Gardenscapes: Level 29

Level 29 in Gardenscapes is quite difficult to complete, but fortunately you can use boosts, power-ups and tools to help you clear it.

You have to restore an enchanting garden to its former glory with Austin the Butler and his friends in this exciting mobile game, Gardenscapes.

In addition to completing challenging levels, you can play minigames, follow an interesting storyline, renovate a house and enjoy the company of amusing in-game characters in Gardenscapes.

Level 29

Gardenscapes mainly consist of hundreds of unique match-3 levels. To progress in this game, you have to complete several levels of puzzles by matching gems together.

As you complete these levels, you will be able to renovate your home and garden.

Keep in mind though that the puzzles increase with difficulty as you reach higher levels. One of the levels most Gardenscapes players struggle with is level 29.

Before starting this level, you will be informed that it is one of the more difficult levels to complete.

When you enter level 29 for the first time, you will see that most of the grid is covered with wooden crates with some items locked behind chains.

To complete this level, clear the way for 6 cooldrinks to reach the bottom of the grid. There are 2 drinks in the left corner, 2 in the middle and 2 on the right side of the grid.

You have to match items strategically so that all 6 drinks reach the bottom of the grid. Fortunately, you can use your power-ups to help you with this task.

Gardenscapes: Level 29


There are numerous power-ups that you can use in Gardenscapes to clear the grid faster. The following table lists the power-ups that you can use:

Name Description How to acquire
TNT This item explodes everything within a four-tile radius. Players can construct this item by matching seven or more pieces.
Dynamite Explodes everything within a 3-tile radius, You have to match 6 pieces of the same color to obtain Dynamite.
Bomb Bombs explode everything within a 2-tile radius It can be obtained by matching 5 pieces of the same color.
Firecrackers This item explodes all neighboring tiles. You have to match 4 pieces of the same color to acquire it.

How to clear level 29

To clear level 29, we recommend that you swap the fruit in the middle of the grid. There are 6 fruits and leaves in a column surrounded by hidden crates.

The surrounding crates will then disappear and will reveal fruit which is locked behind chains. Keep in mind, however, that you may not encounter the locked fruit at all.

This is because every player’s grid is unique to them. This unfortunately means that there is no recipe to complete level 29. So we recommend that you use as many power-ups as possible to clear the level.


Before starting level 29, you will be able to select boosters if you have some available. Since this is considered a difficult level, we recommend that you select as many boosters as possible to help you clear the level.

Keep in mind that if you do not have any boosters available, you will still be able to clear the level. You may need to form more power-ups to clear the level, but it is not impossible to complete it without boosters.


In addition to the power-ups, you can use some tools to help you clear level 29. Tools are single-use actions which are not as big and flashy as the power-ups.

The following table lists some of the tools that you can use to complete level 29:

Tool Description
Shovel We recommend that Gardenscapes players only use this tool as a last resort as it does not do anything other than clearing a single tile. You can therefore use it to reveal the last Gnome Statue or get the last puzzle piece.
Rake The rake is considered one of the most useful tools in the game as it clears one column and row in a cross-shape on the board. It is best to clear hazards on the map and to open up blocked areas on the grid.
Gloves This item simply switches one piece on the board with another non-entrapped piece. Players can therefore fix their board in order to move pieces which are impossible to get rid of.

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