Games like Prison Architect

There are many games like Prison Architect, though most of them do not have prisons and inmates that you can control.

Gamers across the globe are always looking for games with similar gameplay and themes to games that they previously enjoyed. Prison Architect is a private prison construction and management simulation video game that was launched in 2015.

Since it is an old game, many players have completed the game a few times. This guide lists games that you can play if you enjoyed Prison Architect.

Prison Architect gameplay

In the game, you are hired by the CEO of a for-profit prison company to oversee building and running a prison. Your role is architect and governor with sandbox micromanagement themes.

You are also responsible for managing various aspects of the prison, such as building facilities, connecting utilities, and managing staff.

You have to recruit certain staff members to unlock some aspects of the game. Since you are in charge of the prison, you are responsible for finances and for meeting the needs of your prisoners.

Games like Prison Architect

The gaming world is constantly expanding, therefore, new video games are released on a regular basis. Since Prison Architect was released in 2015, gamers are now looking for other games that have similar themes and gameplay.

The following table outlines some of the games you can play if you enjoyed Prison Architect:

Game name Description
Dungeon Keeper This game challenges players to manage their own dungeon while defeating heroes. It incorporates dark humour as you take control of evil and help spread it across the land.
The Escapists 2 If you enjoyed Prison Architect, you should definitely try The Escapists 2. Unlike Prison Architect, this game puts you inside a cell from which you have to try to escape.
Tropico 4 Tropico 4combines city management mechanics with political aspects and humour. You have to stay in control of a banana republic-inspired island nation.
Clanfolk This game allows you to take a break from the prison warden responsibilities. You have to manage a farm during medieval times. It features Prison Architect-like gameplay.
Dwarf Fortress This unique city-building game allows you to control a group of dwarves. You have to create strategies in order to survive the ever-changing world.
Surviving the Aftermath In this game, you have to manage a colony of survivors after a world-ending event. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. Although the game does not feature prisons and inmates, it has many similarities to Prison Architect.

System requirements

To guarantee smooth gameplay, your system has to meet certain requirements. The table below lists the system requirements for each game:

Game name System requirements
Dungeon Keeper
  • Since the game was released in 1997, it does not have the same system requirements as other games. Most personal computers will be able to run it smoothly.
The Escapists 2
Tropico 4
  • Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
  • Graphics: Shader Model 3.0 (GeForce 6600 or Radeon X1600-Series)
  • Processor: 2.6 GHz Dual Core
  • Graphics: 1 gigabyte 3D DirectX 9 compatible video card
Dwarf Fortress
  • Processor: Dual Core CPU (2.4GHz or higher)
  • Graphics: Intel HD 3000 or AMD HD 5450 or Nvidia 9400 GT
Surviving the Aftermath

Game prices

Unfortunately, most games have to be purchased to play them, but some games offer players free demos. The prices for each game are as follows:

Game name Price
Dungeon Keeper You can purchase the game key on G2A for $3.51
The Escapists 2 This game can be purchased for $4.19 on GreenmanGaming.
Tropico 4 Gamers can purchase this game’s key on Kinguin for $1.21
Clanfolk You can purchase Clanfolk for approximately $23.99
Dwarf Fortress At the time of writing this, game keys for Dwarf Fortress are out of stock.
Surviving the Aftermath The game key can be purchased on G2A for $2.89

How to activate a game key

In order to play one of the games mentioned in this article, you have to purchase a game key. However, you have to activate the key on a game client to download it. If you are using the Steam client, you can add the game to your library.

To do this, you have to open the Steam application and select the  “Add a game” button in the bottom left corner of the Steam menu. In the pop-up menu, there is an option that allows you to activate a game key.

Once the key is activated, you can start downloading the game. Players can only launch the game once the download is completed.

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