Games for an 18th birthday party

There are many different games for large groups, board games, and trivia games to choose from as entertainment for an 18th birthday party.

There are many decisions involved in planning a birthday party of any kind, especially when it comes to an important milestone like an 18th birthday.

Fortunately, the vast array of party games, like outdoor games for large groups, board games, and trivia games can help to ensure that your 18th birthday party is enjoyable and memorable.

Planning an 18th birthday

An 18th birthday is undoubtedly a milestone that should be celebrated. As a result, an 18th birthday party may also require more planning than just usual parties would, to make this event extra special and memorable.

This means that besides the usual guest list planning, sending of invitations, and deciding on a theme, you also need to consider elements like the décor, dress code, food, beverages, and entertainment carefully.

This way, you will be making sure that this party truly reflects the guest-of-honour’s personality and stands out among all of the previous parties that you may have planned.

Games for an 18th birthday party

There are many different decisions that go into making an 18th birthday party special and when you take into account the additional pressure of entertaining a group of teenagers that have varied interests and personalities, this process can feel somewhat overwhelming.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of party games that you can choose from, depending on the type of party and the number of guests that you have.

Party games are a great way to make a party momentous and to encourage guests to socialise and have fun together.

Although modern 18th birthday parties include games such as video games and social media challenges, there are still some more traditional party games that can put a unique spin on your event.

If you are going all out with the 18th birthday party and there will be a large group of guests in attendance, then an outdoor group activity, such as a scavenger hunt or a pool party, can be a great way to encourage your guests in some friendly competition.

If the party is a more relaxed occasion, with a medium-sized group of guests, then leaning into the familiar and semi-structured nature of board games can be a great way for guests to interact with each other and have fun.

Smaller groups that know each other well may enjoy a more intimate trivia-type game.

18th birthday party games for large groups

An outdoor group activity can be a great way to entertain a large group of guests at an 18th birthday party.

Some of the popular options in this category include a pool party, if your venue permits it or some kind of scavenger hunt around the hosting venue, your neighbourhood, or the local park.

If your venue has a pool, pool party games like volleyball, basketball, ring toss, or even log battles are great, low-effort ways to keep a large group entertained for the party.

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If your venue does not have a pool, dividing the guests into groups for a scavenger hunt will allow you to incorporate locations and memories that are special to the guest-of-honour in a way that makes all of the guests feel included.

There are several approaches that you can take to a scavenger hunt to make it appropriate for older teenagers, which includes ready-printed clues, like these Birthday Treasure Hunt Clues from Amazon, or making the guests take videos or photos at each location to prove that they have found the clue.

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Board games for an 18th birthday party

Board games can often get conversation flowing when there is a lull during a party, which makes them a great choice for a relaxed 18th birthday party.

As a bonus, you can have a variety of board games or play in a league to ensure that there is something that suits different guests’ tastes, and that every guest gets a chance to play.

Some of the best board games for 18th birthday parties include:

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Trivia games for an 18th birthday party

If you have a smaller group of guests at your 18th birthday party who know each other well and who will not need the encouragement of friendly competition, birthday-themed trivia games can be a great option.

As they are a sentimental way for the group to share special memories and jokes with the guest-of-honour.

You can come up with these trivia games yourself, or you can use pre-printed games, like these birthday bingo cards or this set of party game cards.

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