Games for a 70th birthday party

There are many different games that focus on the honouree, their life, and their history, which will make great entertainment for a 70th birthday party.

Birthdays are always a cause for celebration, but some milestone birthdays are extra special, and they should be celebrated accordingly.

A 70th birthday is one of these special milestones and adding some party games that are focused on the honouree and their life, can be a good way to ensure that the event is memorable and special.

The significance of milestone birthdays

Although every birthday is a significant milestone for the individual celebrating it, some birthdays just seem to have a special excitement.

Some of the most widely celebrated milestone birthdays include the so-called sweet 16, 18th, 21st, and 30th birthdays. Each new decade of a person’s life is also generally celebrated as an accomplishment.

Milestone birthdays are significant in various cultures for different reasons, but celebrating milestones throughout a person’s life remains a good way for friends and family to show their appreciation for and the love that they have shared with the honouree over the years.

Games for a 70th birthday party

Although some people may feel that by the time that you reach the significant milestone of 70 years old, that you are over the hill, in actuality, a 70th birthday can be cause for great celebration and fun.

Your 70th birthday ushers in the introduction of your “Platinum Year” and this should be celebrated accordingly. There are many ways to make a 70th birthday party special.

This includes setting up décor elements ranging from an understated banner, like this “Happy 70th Birthday” one, to extravagant kits with banners and balloons for the party space, and even silly decorations, like these photo booth props, that can make your birthday party look great and feel special.

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However, the best way to really ensure that a party is a unique experience for the guests and the honouree is to include and play a few fun party games with guests during the event. Since a 70th birthday is such a milestone, it is always a good idea to play some party games that are focused on the honouree and their life.

Some of the other party games that tend to work well for 70th birthday celebrations are trivia games and some classic, vintage board games that serve as a throwback to the honouree’s youth.

70th birthday party games that focus on the honouree

Birthday parties are usually organised with the intention of spending time with and celebrating the honouree’s life and accomplishments. If you want your 70th birthday party games to echo this sentiment, it is a good idea to include some games that focus on the honouree in your event.

Some examples of these types of party games include the following:

Type of game Description Supplies on Amazon
Cross word or word search puzzles Create your own word search or crossword puzzle with terms and phrases, places, and things that are associated with the honouree and have guests fill it out  
Picture puzzle race Divide guests into large groups and give each group a puzzle that you made from a picture of the honouree. The first group to finish their puzzle wins the race  
Hot potato Play some of the honouree’s favourite music and have the guests pass around a ball. The guest who is holding the ball when the music stops must share a significant memory or anecdote that they shared with the honouree  

Trivia games for 70th birthday parties

Since birthday parties for older honourees are often limited in terms of movement and noise, a trivia game can be a great way to make sure that all of the party guests feel included and that they can join in on the fun.

Some examples of trivia games that could work well for a 70th birthday party include:

Type of game Description Supplies on Amazon
Fact or fiction Talk to the honouree before the party and write a list of odd facts about them and think of some believable, but untrue statements yourself. During the party, hand out notebooks and pens to the guests and have them guess whether the statements that you are reading about the honouree are fact or fiction  
How old was the honouree? Create a slideshow about significant world news and historic events that happened during the honouree’s life. Have the guests guess how old the honouree was when each event happened  

Vintage board games for 70th birthday parties

Another way to celebrate the life that the honouree has lived is to have a throwback to some of the games that the honouree played as a child, such as:

Games Chutes and ladders Checkers Ludo Dominoes Marbles
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