Gamers are disappointed in Cookie Run: Kingdom’s new Cookie

Cookie Run: Kingdom players have taken to social media to express their disappointment in the new Caramel Choux Cookie.

Cookie Run: Kingdom (CRK) recently shared on their Facebook page that players can visit Cuckoo Town Square to meet the lovely Caramel Choux Cookie.

She is an Epic Cookie who assumes the Support role on the battlefield, which indicates that her position is prioritized to the rear.

Gamers are disappointed in Cookie Run: Kingdom’s new Cookie
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Similarly to other Cookies in the game, Caramel Choux Cookie has a powerful ability which can be used to defeat enemies.

She uses her ‘I’ve Got Choux’ ability to heal her allies, however, she also applies Damage Resist and an Amplifier Buff to targets who receive healing.

Choux also applies a Health Points Shield on the ally Cookie with the lowest max health points. Since she is the Town Square supervisor, she applies the Friendly Helper buff to her allies when she enters a battle.

Players should note that when she is using her skill, she will become resistant to interrupting effects briefly. This means that enemies will be able to prevent her from healing her allies.

To obtain Choux, you have to use the in-game gacha system, although it requires a special gacha currency. Once Choux has been added to your Cookie collection, you can equip her with various Toppings to enhance her capabilities.

Although you can use any Toppings, the Swift Chocolate Topping will work the most effectively, as it decreases her skill’s cooldown.

You will therefore be able to use her skill more frequently, which means that you can heal your other Cookies more often.

On the official CRK Discord server, several players have shared their opinions about the new Cookie.

A number of CRK gamers have expressed their disappointment in Caramel Choux and mentioned that she is not worth obtaining.

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