Fu Shi joins Dislyte

Dislyte recently announced that players can enjoy a limited-time Echo event to obtain the new 5-star Esper, Fu Shi.

Dislyte released patch 3.4.4 on Tuesday, 26 March 2024, and as always, the update introduced a new Esper for you to procure. Fu Shi is a 4-star Inferno Esper which is based on the Chinese mythological god, Suan Ni.

Similarly to other Espers, Fu Shi has a range of abilities, one of which is Eightfold Misblade, which can ignore all Shields while dealing massive damage.

Fu Shi joins Dislyte
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His Billowing Strike ability deals damage to 1 enemy based on his Attack and Defense statistics, however, he also gains a stack of Smokescreen.

This effect increases Defense and Damage Mitigation, but when he deals damage, he recovers health points.

Thick Haze is a passive ability that allows Fu Shi to gain 5 stacks of Smokescreen at the beginning of a round. When he has 5 stacks, he becomes immune to all controls.

The third ability, Eightfold Misblade, deals damage to 1 opponent and unlocks when Fu Shi has 5 stacks of Smokescreen. After casting this ability, he consumes 5 stacks of Smokescreen and gains Dispersal for 1 turn.

Dislyte players should note that this ability’s cooldown is not affected by any abilities. To add Fu Shi to your Esper collection, you can participate in the limited-time Echo event.

You have to spend 100 Wish Stones in the event pool to guarantee the acquisition of the current event’s featured Espers.

Wish Stones can be procured by summoning an Epic or Legendary Esper from the Gold Record Player. You will earn 20 Wish Stones for a Legendary Esper and 1 Wish Stone for every Epic Esper that you summon.

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