Forge of Empires Wiki

Basic Information

Application Name Forge of Empires
Release Date 2012
Genre Strategy
Platforms App Store / Google Play 
Price Free ( With In-Game Purchases)
Developer / Publisher InnoGames GmbH
Official Site Website
Official Social Media Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / YouTube


Forge of Empires is a popular browser-based video game that tests players’ tactical skills. The game is quite similar to Clash of Clans and SimCity; however, it has turn-based strategy elements. The main objective of the game is to develop and expand a city, evolving from the Stone Age to the colonisation of the Jupiter Moon.

To keep your citizens happy, you have to construct different types of buildings, but you should keep in mind that every building serves a specific purpose.

Additionally, you can train troops, scout areas, and fight enemies to get additional resources. Players can also research various aspects to unlock new features that can be added to their city.


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