Forge of Empires: Stage of Ages

The Stage of Ages building in Forge of Empires can provide your city with various benefits, however, it is allegedly no longer acquirable.

Forge of Empires is a popular browser-based video game that tests players’ tactical skills. The game is quite similar to Clash of Clans and SimCity; however, it has turn-based strategy elements. The main objective of the game is to develop and expand a city, evolving from the Stone Age to the colonisation of the Jupiter Moon.

To keep your citizens happy, you have to construct different types of buildings, but you should keep in mind that every building serves a specific purpose.

Additionally, you can train troops, scout areas, and fight enemies to get additional resources. Players can also research various aspects to unlock new features that can be added to their city.

What are the different types of buildings?

Forge of Empires currently has 9 types of buildings that you can construct in your city. It is worth noting that some buildings may be locked when you first start playing the game. Players can access these buildings as soon as they have met the requirements to do so.

You can construct the following buildings and items in your city:

  • Production buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Goods buildings
  • Decorations
  • Cultural buildings
  • Military buildings
  • Roads
  • Special buildings
  • Great buildings

Some buildings can only be acquired from special events in the game, the antiques dealer, and upon completion of daily challenges.

Forge of Empires: Stage of Ages

One of the buildings you can construct is the Stage of Ages, which is a special residential building that was released during the Tenth Anniversary Event.

Forge of Empires: Stage of Ages
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This building provides your city with several aspects, highlighted in the table below:

Aspect Description
Population The number of citizens in your city. In order to gain population, you must build residential buildings.
Happiness Happiness of the population influences production and income of buildings. An enthusiastic population provides the city with 20 percent additional coins and supply boost.
Attack boost Increases the attack value of either the attacking units, or the defensive units by a certain percentage.

The Stage of Ages building can also produce Forge Points and previous era goods if it is motivated. Forge Points are one of the main resources in the game, and they are used to research technologies. Players can use them to upgrade Great Buildings.

You should keep in mind that you can construct the Stage of Ages building in all ages of the game. This means that you do not have to wait until you have reached a specific age to build it. That being said, you need a 4×4 space available in your city, otherwise you cannot construct it.

The benefits that players get from this building depends on which stage of the game they are in. It can thus be said that an Oceanic Future player receives more benefits than a Stone Age player.

Stage of Ages properties

Once you have constructed the Stage of Ages, you will get an increase in population, happiness, and attack. These benefits depend on which age you are in, as early-game players require less benefits than endgame players.

The table below lists the increase you get based on your age:

Age Population Happiness Attack
Bronze Age 82 90 7 percent
Iron Age 179 196 7 percent
Early Middle Ages 276 303 8 percent
High Middle Ages 389 427 8 percent
Late Middle Ages 512 563 9 percent
Colonial Age 647 711 9 percent
Industrial Age 790 869 10 percent
Progressive Era 943 1037 10 percent
Modern Era 1107 1217 11 percent
Postmodern Era 1275 1402 11 percent
Contemporary Era 1456 1604 12 percent
Tomorrow 1641 1805 12 percent
The Future 1834 2017 13 percent
Arctic Future 2035 2238 14 percent
Oceanic Future 2244 2468 15 percent

Tenth Anniversary Event

As previously mentioned, players can acquire the Stage of Ages building from the Tenth Anniversary Event. The event commenced on 30 March 2022 and concluded on 20 April 2022. During this time, players were taken on a short sentimental ride through the history of Forge of Empires.

At the end of the Forge Fact Finder’s quest, players were rewarded with money or with Golden Dice, which was used in a board game in the game. It was during this event that players could obtain the Stage of Ages building, but it is unclear whether the building is still available since the event concluded.

Forge of Empires: Stage of Ages
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Is the Stage of Ages building age advanceable?

Similarly to other buildings in Forge of Empires, the Stage of Ages is age advanceable, but you first have to get specific items. Players can either use a one-up kit or a renovation kit to commence the process.

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