Forge of Empires: Incidents

In Forge of Empires, you can find up to 15 different incidents that offer you various rewards once you have discovered them.

Forge of Empires is a classic video game that combines turn-based battles with role-playing elements. The main purpose in this game is to develop and expand a city that can evolve from the Stone Ages to the colonisation of the Jupiter Moon.

As you build your city, you will attract citizens to come live in it, and to keep them happy, you have to build a variety of buildings. Every building must meet a specific objective, which can influence your gameplay significantly.

Players should note that incidents can also affect their gameplay, so it is recommended that you pay attention to incidents as soon as possible.

What are the different ages?

One of the goals in the game is to progress through the various ages. Every player starts their game in the Stone Age, at which time they have to build their city. To advance your city to a new age, you have to research a technology that exists in that age.

There are currently 21 Ages in the game, and they are:

  • Stone Age
  • Bronze Age
  • Iron Age
  • Early Middle Ages
  • High Middle Ages
  • Late Middle Ages
  • Colonial Age
  • Industrial Age
  • Progressive Era
  • Modern Era
  • Postmodern Era
  • Contemporary Era
  • Tomorrow Era
  • Future Era
  • Arctic Future
  • Oceanic Future
  • Virtual Future
  • Space Age Mars
  • Space Age Asteroid Belt
  • Space Age Venus
  • Space Age Jupiter Moon

Forge of Empires: Incidents

Regardless of your current age, you may come across incidents, which are little things that happen in and around your city when you are offline or online. These small events are planned at the first log-in of the day.

Forge of Empires: Incidents
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This means that if you did not log into the game the previous day, you will not find leftover incidents, as only newly-planned incidents occur in the following 24 hours. It is worth noting that incidents do not appear when you have founded a new city.

It takes approximately 24 to 48 hours for the first incident to appear after you have built a city. You should bear in mind that every login changes the location that existing incidents are placed at. Players can have up to 15 incidents occur in one day, but if they encounter more, they probably missed a few the day before.

It is alleged that events may be planned to appear on 2-wide roads, and it does not matter if you have any, or if you are even able to build any. When you discover an incident, it is advised that you click on it, as it will offer you a reward before it disappears.

Players can acquire coins, supplies, medals, Forge Points, Diamonds, and goods, amongst other things, from incidents. There are currently 16 common, 9 uncommon, and 2 rare incidents that can occur in and around your city.

Where do incidents spawn?

Incidents can spawn anywhere on the city map, however, there are usually 3 incidents on the shore, 3 on the water, and 6 on the roads at any given time. Moreover, there are also 15 incident locations in the wilderness.

Even if incidents on roads cause a visual traffic-jam, they do not affect the road’s ability to create a path from your buildings to the Town Hall. Hence, it can be said that the blocked roads are purely aesthetic. Incidents can be easy to spot, as a blinking glow appears around them quite often. However, the colour of the glow depends on their rarity.

The common incidents have a white glow, the uncommon incidents have a green light glow, and the rare incidents have a goldish glow. You should note that an uncollected incident disappears after 24 hours.

Types of incidents

It is clear that you get varying types of incidents, as they are located in different places. The following table highlights the incidents you can find, and their locations:

Road Beach Water Woods
·   A Fallen Tree

·   Potholes







·   A Distress Signal on a Beach

·   Crates from a Shipwreck






·   An Overturned Kayak

·   A Fisherman on a Boat






·   A Kite Stuck in a Tree

·   A Broken Cart

·   Stalks of Wheat

·   A Big Standing Crate

·   A Buried Treasure Chest

·   Beehives in a Tree

·   Clotheslines

·   A Fruit Vendor


Players should note that the rewards they earn depend on the type of incident. The rare incidents offer players better rewards than common incidents. However, the chances of a rare incident spawning are only 2 percent, while the chances of finding a common incident are 84.9 percent.

Furthermore, the rewards are based on what age you are in the game. It can thus be said that mid and endgame players get better rewards than early-game players.

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