Fishdom: Full Moon Park

Fishdom’s Full Moon Park invites players to clear unique grids to earn points and rewards, though some grids may be more difficult to complete.

Fishdom is an exciting mobile game which invites players to solve a series of puzzles and earn coins to set up and decorate a virtual aquarium.

You can use an in-game currency to purchase decorations, comfort items, and a range of fish species.

Full Moon Park

In addition to solving puzzles and creating a home for your virtual fish, you can participate in numerous in-game events, one of which is Full Moon Park.

This event invites gamers to collect sweet treats and win valuable prizes.

Fishdom’s levels are based on a standard for “match three” mechanics, which means that you have to swap adjacent gems to make matches of 3 or more.

Every level takes place on a different grid and poses a channel earning every golden tile by matching gems over them at least once.

The Full Moon Park event follows the same principle, but you can experience never-seen-before grids and challenges.

One of the challenges that you have to conquer is merging items, for example, if you merge the same old hats on the grid, you will receive a fancy hat which can then be merged with another fancy hat to create another item.

To clear the grid, you have to merge all the available items until you get the item displayed on the left side of the screen.

When you have enough points, you will be able to claim an array of rewards, which includes decoration and comfort items for your virtual fish tank.

Fishdom: Full Moon Park
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Full Moon Park rewards

If you participate in the Full Moon Park event, you can earn various rewards. The following table lists the number of points that you need to earn certain rewards:

Points Reward
25 Infinite Life for 30 minute
35 Virtual Tank Decoration
45 1 Lightning power-up
60 2 Gems
75 Infinite Life for 15 minute
90 1 Dynamite and 1 Lightning power-up
105 Infinite Bombs for 15 minutes
135 Virtual Tank Decoration
150 Infinite Lightning power-up for 15 minutes
180 Players will receive 1 Hammer
210 Infinite Life for 15 minutes
240 Infinite Bombs for 15 minutes
250 Virtual tank decoration


As shown in the table above, you will receive many power-ups that can make clearing a grid much easier.

Keep in mind that you can also acquire these power-ups by matching a certain amount of gems on the grid, but it is crucial that you understand what each power-up does before using them, and this is outlined below:

Power-up Description Method of acquisition
Firecrackers It removes everything within a one-tile radius. Players must match 4 pieces of the same color.
Bombs This power-up removes everything within a two-tile radius. To acquire this item, you have to match 5 pieces of the same color.
Dynamite Removes everything within a three-tile radius. Match 6 pieces of the same color to acquire it.
Lightning Removes all pieces of the same color from the field. Players can use this item once it is charged.
Energy Blasts This power-up clears 3 rows or 3 columns of tiles. You can get Energy Blasts once they are charged.

How long does it take to collect all the Full Moon Park rewards?

The amount of time that you have to accumulate enough points to earn all the Full Moon Park rewards depends entirely on how fast you clear the grids.

There are Fishdom players who managed to collect all the rewards within 30 minutes.

Keep in mind though that you may have to run a grid once or twice before you can clear it, which means that it may take you longer to earn all the rewards than anticipated.

That being said, the Full Moon Park event is active for a few days, which means that it is not necessary to complete the event in a few hours.

Virtual Tank Decorations

By participating in the Full Moon Park event, gamers can earn numerous unique decorations.

These decorations can increase your aquarium’s beauty, and you can click on a decoration to change its size and move it around your aquarium.

There are no set locations for the decorations, which means that you are free to choose where you want to place a Full Moon Park decoration.

That being said, you may notice that you are running out of free space in your aquarium.

Unfortunately, you cannot expand your aquarium, but new aquariums will be unlocked as you earn Stars in the ones that you already have.

If you are yet to unlock an additional aquarium, you can sell or store your decorations.

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