Final Gear Character Rarity and Class List

The pilots in Final Gear are divided into 4 rarities:

  1. N – Normal
  2. R – Rare
  3. SR – Super Rare
  4. SSR – Superior Super Rare, the most powerful that is very hard to claim.

The following 4 tables contain the characters organized by their rarity and classes.

SSR Rarity Pilots

Appearance Name Rarity Class
Alexa SSR Bomber
Aya Kujyou SSR Striker
Bernadette SSR Demolisher
Coral SSR Striker
Krista SSR Demolisher
Cynthia SSR Bomber
Danngo Kobayashi SSR Striker
Dolores SSR Sniper
Elizabeth SSR Bomber
Favia SSR Striker
Murasaki SSR Defender
Nia SSR Sniper
Nova SSR Shooter
Patti SSR Shooter
Rin Kamiuezono SSR Striker
Snowy SSR Demolisher
Solar SSR Shooter
Sumora SSR Defender
Taysia Graft SSR Striker
Viorate SSR Shooter

SR Rarity Pilots

Appearance Name Rarity Class
Aita SR Demolisher
Akari Onikage SR Striker
Amber SR Sniper
Ariel SR Shooter
Breeze Thallo SR Demolisher
Chilino SR Bomber
Coreleah SR Defender
Evelynn SR Striker
Grave SR Bomber
Helena SR Demolisher
Hepneyg SR Sniper
Jessie SR Shooter
Karan SR Sniper
Leigh SR Shooter
Margaret SR Defender
Michaelia SR Sniper
Miroa SR Striker
Natasha SR Bomber
Patricia SR Bomber
Paula SR Demolisher
Phoenix SR Striker
Rebeyrca SR Defender
Rinbell SR Demolisher
Shmily SR Demolisher
Shyaditty SR Sniper
Thea SR Striker
Viola SR Bomber

R Rarity Pilots

Appearance Name Rarity Class
Audrey R Striker
Bathtory R Shooter
Eggy&Peggy R Bomber
Esmeralda R Defender
Jasmine R Sniper
Keyla R Sniper
Kristina R Bomber
Lollar R Shooter
Marma R Defender
Memay R Shooter
Millyna R Striker
Neplim R Defender
Roxanne R Defender
Scheer R Bomber
Sura R Demolisher
Veronica R Sniper
Xime R Demolisher

N Rarity Pilots

Appearance Name Rarity Class
Ada N Demolisher
Adrienne N Striker
Aoife N Bomber
Fulla N Defender
Joranda N Demolisher
Maggie N Striker
Mary N Shooter
Nizzy N Bomber
Priscilla N Sniper
Trang N Shooter
Vivine N Sniper
Whitney N Defender
Zoi N Demolisher