Final Gear’s Snowy

Players can obtain Snowy through the gacha system in Final Gear, however, it may take some time to collect her as she is a superior super rare pilot.


Final Gear features an immersive storyline and stunning character art. It has recently been released on both Android and iOS. The strategic role-playing game from Komoe Technology Limited and FlashWing Studio welcomes players into a post-apocalyptic world. Humanity now struggles to survive, and they are forced to use mobile mech suits in the midst of a global catastrophe.

The game allows players to collect various mech parts in order to create their own mech suits. They are then able to take on the role of Captain in order to recruit female pilots across the world. The maidens each have their own personalities, quirks, attributes and occupations. Additionally, they have special unlocked abilities when used with certain custom mechs.

In the year 2110, a meteor strike changed the face of the earth into a wasteland and humanity hovered on the brink of extinction. The people who survived worked on reconstruction in order to bring back a technological and scientific civilization.

One of the mightier groups among them was Kegha. Due to their superiority in both technology and numbers, they established a capital city. They also created a form of mobile, weaponized battle armour. This mech technology soon spread all over the lands. Three main areas arose: Hexel, Arita and Kegha. The following table indicates the name and description of places in the fantasy world of Final Gear:

Name of place Ruled by Description
Hexel The Strong Hexel is a freedom union. However, it is described as lawful evil. The continent has a thick sense of egoism, and the inhabitants believe in the law of the jungle.
Arita The Commander Arita is a federal republic, which pursues peach and justice. It is described as lawful good. The inhabitants are seen as warm and hospitable.
Kegha The Queen’s Heirs Kegha is an empire continent. It follows a chivalric code and features a strong sense of principle and group consciousness. The inhabitants have a fierce sense of national pride.

It is important to note that the battles are set in real-time tactical maps. However, it features a side-scrolling view for a unique and action-packed experience. The game allows players to unlock over 100 pilots, each with stunning dynamic models and famous Japanese voice-actors.

Players are able to build a base in order to gather resources even if they are away from the game. Additionally, players can complete tactical missions with multiple objectives across different terrains and needing different strategies.



One of the pilots that players can obtain in Final Gear is Snowy. She is a superior, super rare (SSR) pilot, meaning that players only have a five percent chance of summoning her. It is believed that these pilots are the most powerful and are usually very hard to obtain.

Snowy takes on the role of a Demolisher. This means that she is a mid-range damage dealer. She is a great single target damage-per-second (DPS) dealer and buffer for the whole team. She has the ability to launch rocket missiles, which follows the trajectory for enemies. This makes her great at clearing out enemy mobs.

She is also able to buff her allies every 15 seconds. The buffs she applies are randomized between critical hit rate, increase in dodge chance, increase attack and increase lifesteal. Snowy also has the ability to increase her critical hit rate after dealing a normal attack on any enemy.

Additionally, she applies a buff to the next highest DPS pilot in the team. The buff will increase the pilot’s damage by 30 percent. It is important to note that Snowy is also great at story content and boss fight. Her low skill cost allows her to frequently use all of her skills and abilities.

It is believed that Snowy is a very balanced and versatile unit for most of the content in Final Gear. She is overall a top-tier damage support unit and will perfectly fit into any team.

How to obtain Snowy

It is important to note that Final Gear is based on a gacha system. This means that players have to pull in-game for a chance to obtain new pilots. As mentioned above, players have a five percent chance to summon Snowy through the gacha mechanics

The game provides an in-game currency called Crystals, which can be used to summon characters. Final Gear charges 1 500 Crystals for 10 pulls on any of the banners. Banners is the terminology used in all gacha based games, where certain characters are targeted, meaning it has a rate-up chance to recruit them.

Players who want to obtain Snowy should thus purchase pulls before using the gacha system. It is important to note that it may take some time to collect her, as she is a superior super rare pilot.

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