Final Gear pre-registration rewards

Players who pre-register for Final Gear will receive multiple gifts once it launches, including gold coins, a white crow suit, an engagement ring and a royal invitation.

Final Gear is an upcoming strategic role-playing game developed by Komoe. The game features mechs, as well as its many anime-style female operators. In Final Gear, players cannot only manage what is happening during battles, but can also customize their mech. Mechs can be customized by changing their various parts.

Unfortunately, players do not always get what they wish for immediately. Final Gear forces players to wait for some time when they want to recruit new riders or develop new parts. However, this process can be accelerated by using special items, or by paying real-life money.

The game’s developer, Komoe, recently announced that Android users can pre-register for Final Gear. Shortly after, Komoe revealed that pre-registration has also opened for iOS mobile devices. Players are now able to pre-register using Google Play and the App Store.

In addition to the pre-registration announcement, he also launched an official website for Final Gear. The website offers players more details about the game and the various in-game characters. Players are also able to pre-register on the website.

In addition, Komoe promised to reward all the players with in-game products when Final Gear launches globally. The pre-registration milestone rewards will be unlocked once a specific number of people have pre-registered for the game.

The 20 000, 50 000 and 80 000 pre-registration rewards have already been unlocked. Players received gold coins, 50 appointed development parts and one “SR-Natasha.” The next milestone will be unlocked when 100 000 people have pre-registered for the game. The last milestone will only be unlocked when 500 000 players have pre-registered.

Pre-registered players can expect to obtain a ‘’Lil Northerner Natasha’, a white crow suit, a royal invitation, 10 elite referrals and an engagement ring, among others.

The official release date of Final Gear has yet to be announced.

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