FFXIV: Zenos

Zenos has played a significant role in FFXIV since Stormblood, but players are now wondering why he was involved in Endwalker.

Gamers are invited to explore the fictional realm of Eorzea in this exciting video game, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). Since the game is part of the Final Fantasy series, you may experience similar mechanics and gameplay throughout the range.

Unlike in its predecessors, you can enjoy FFXIV’s content with like-minded people, as it is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

Before you can participate in the game’s activities, you have to create and customise a character. There are various classes and jobs you can choose from, but some jobs only unlock once you have met specific requirements.

While exploring the world, you may come across non-player characters (NPCs). One of the NPCs you will meet is Zenos, one of the main antagonists of FFXIV.

What is an NPC?

A non-player character is a character that is not controlled by a human. The term originated in traditional table-top role-playing games where it referred to characters controlled by the gamemaster.

However, in video games, this refers to a character controlled by artificial-intelligence (AI) or a computer. NPCs usually have a predetermined set of behaviours that can impact gameplay, but are not necessarily the product of true AI.

Although NPCs’ role in a video game is not big, they can influence your gameplay. This is because some NPCs form part of the game’s main arc, while others simply populate the game’s fictional world.

FFXIV: Zenos

One of the best parts of Final Fantasy XIV’s expansions is its characters. Players can spend time with their favourite characters while getting to know new faces. You can also see familiar faces, like the infamous villain, Zenos.

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Some FFXIV players really love the character, but others believe his personality is one-dimensional and tiresome. When Zenos was revived and teased in trailers to be one of the main villains of FFXIV: Endwalker, gamers expected to see a lot of him.

But Zenos plays quite a small role in the FFXIV expansion, as he only appears in 5 scenes. This has resulted in polarising reactions from fans.

Some see it as a positive thing because it matches the nihilistic theme of Endwalker, and others question why Zenos was brought back to life at all.

Although Zenos plays a small role, he is motivated to have a great battle with the Warrior of Light. To have a battle meant breaking them and seeing them take off their ‘hero’ mask.

Zenos figured that the best way to do that is to destroy whatever they held dear, so that they would seek revenge.

The villain planned to use Zodiark for this, but his plans were ruined by Fandaniel. He is ultimately nothing, until he gets his battle with the Warrior of Light. The 2 biggest Zenos scenes in the expansion were in Garlemald and at the end.

Most players were on the edge of their seat in Garlemald, as Zenos took over the Warrior of Light’s body to kill their friends. Unfortunately, the excitement is short-lived and solved after 1 thrilling scene.

Many players felt that the final fight was tacked on, because Zenos travelled through space to have his final fight before meeting his death.

Zenos’ appearance in Endgame left many players wondering if he was necessary for the story. Players also questioned why the developers, Square Enix, revived him.

Why Zenos was involved

Endwalker’s writer, Natsuko Ishikawa, confirmed that Zenos’ story has come to an end. While Square Enix has yet to elaborate on their reasons for bringing him back to the game, some players have their own theories.

On Reddit, one player stated that Zenos perfectly suits the themes of existentialism and nihilism in Endwalker. The villain is an example of someone finding their purpose, regardless of what the world throws at them.

On the other hand, some fans felt that Zenos was wasted potential, as they wanted to see more of the lengths that he would go to for a good fight. Some FFXIV players just simply wished that Zenos took on a more active role in the main plot.

Can players defeat Zenos?

Although Zenos plays a small role in Endwalker, he is the most recurrent boss in the FFXIV series. In Stormblood, he is fought on 5 occasions, while a simulacrum of Zenos is fought at level 80 in Shadowbringers.

In Endwalker, Zenos is fought for the final time as Reaper, using the job’s skillset, but more powerful than the player’s. He also possesses abilities inherited from Shinryu.

While you can lose this fight, it is heavily rigged in your favour, which makes it an epilogue to the story compared to its final trial.

Is Endwalker the last FFXIV Expansion?

Zenos’ story may have come to an end, but your FFXIV journey is not over. According to Naoki Yoshida, the end of Endwalker is definitely not the end of FFXIV, which is reportedly already green-lit for 2 more expansions after Endwalker.

Square Enix has yet to announce the next expansion for FFXIV, but players can expect the announcement in the near future.

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