FFXIV: Yak Milk

One of the items players can acquire in FFXIV is Yak Milk, which is used to increase their experience by 3 percent for 30 minutes.


Players get to enjoy role-playing and simulation features in this well-known video game, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). As the name of the game suggests, it forms part of the Final Fantasy franchise, which means that as a player, you will experience similar gameplay and mechanics throughout the franchise.

When you first start playing the game, you will have to create and customise a character before stepping into the world of Eorzea.

The game offers players a variety of activities to enjoy, such as gathering resources, crafting gear, completing quests, and joining raids, among other things. Players can acquire an array of materials and items as they progress in the game.

Why are materials and items important?

Though materials and items may seem like simple components, they actually play a crucial role in the game, because some items and materials have specific objectives in the game, such as increasing your health regeneration or applying specific buffs.

Items are thus quite important as they have the ability to make the game’s content much easier for your character as they become stronger. Subsequently, you may progress faster in the storyline or defeat enemies faster. Materials are needed to craft specific gear, weapons, and accessories.

Players can obtain new gear through loot, however, they may also have to craft new gear themselves for their character, or to complete a quest. You will not be able to craft gear if you do not have the necessary materials, though.

FFXIV: Yak Milk

One of the items you can procure in FFXIV is called Yak Milk for which the official description reveals that its unique flavour can be somewhat off-putting to those raised on cow or aldgoat milk.

If you drink this milk, you will receive a 3 percent experience boost for 30 minutes. However, the time can be extended to 60 minutes if you drink multiple Yak Milks.

yak milk ffxiv
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This item can be procured by defeating level 51 Wooly Yaks in the area of Coerthas Western Highlands Twinpools.

This may seem like an easy method by which to obtain the milk, but the drop rate is approximately 35.9 percent to receive 1 to 3 milks. That being said, it can take a while to obtain a decent amount of Yak Milk.

Alternatively, you can complete Levequests for a chance to receive Yak Milk as a reward. Keep in mind, though, that this method is more time consuming than defeating Wooly Yaks.

Wooly Yaks

The most common way to obtain Yak Milk is by defeating Wooly Yaks, which have long been domesticated by Elzen tribes for their hides, milk, and meat.

They are much like sheep, as their hair grows relatively quickly and must be sheared regularly to prevent the beast from collapsing from heat exhaustion.

wooly yak ffxiv
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Wooly Yaks can be found in The Firmament in Quill’s Trace and in Coerthas Western Highlands in the Twinpools. In addition to Yak Milk, they also drop hides, wool, and fleece. The following table lists the drop rate of each of the mentioned items:

Item Drop rate
Yak hide 100 percent
Yak wool 100 percent
Yak Fleece Players will allegedly always obtain 3 Yak Fleeces


Levequests are repeatable quests that players can complete, though there is a finite amount that you can take on. This is because every player has an allotment of up to 100, but luckily, the quests replenish by 3 percent every 12 hours.

The following table outlines some of the Levequests and the levels by which you can receive Yak Milk:

Levequest Level
Recipe for Disaster  52
Such a Butter Face 52
Little Orphan Candy 50
The Next to Last Supper 50
Loving that muffin top 52
Muffin of the Morn 52
Soup’s On 50
The Aroma of Faith 50

Recipes using Yak Milk

Players can use Yak Milk not only to receive an experience boost, but also to craft certain recipes. The following table lists some of the recipes that require Yak Milk and their skill:

Recipe Skill
Alpine supper set Culinarian Recipes (level 60)
Angler Stew Culinarian Recipes (level 60 2-star)
Crème Brulee Culinarian Recipes (level 60 1-star)
Fermented Butter Culinarian Recipes (level 53)
Garden Tool Shelf Culinarian Recipes (level 80)
Hot Chocolate Culinarian Recipes (level 60 1-star)
Nut Bake Culinarian Recipes (level 75)

Final thoughts

FFXIV is a popular video game that invites players to enjoy adventure and simulation elements. It is a part of the Final Fantasy franchise and therefore, you will likely experience similar content and mechanics across the franchise.

The game is set in the fictional world of Eorzea, where you can interact with the environment and with other players.

As you progress in the game, you will discover various items, one of which is Yak Milk. It can be acquired as loot from defeating Wooly Yaks. Yak Milk is quite a valuable product, as it boosts your experience by 3 percent for 30 minutes.

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